Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Great Reveal: Before & After

I'm so excited! It's time for the big reveal of LO's new room... just 3 months in the making! For those of you who have been following my blog for a while, I'm sure you're excited to see this room transformation finally taking place if for no other reason than I'll finally stop blogging about all of the exciting details and unexpected frustrations that finally got us here! Haha! And just a warning... this is a long post with tons of pictures and a video as well. But enough chit chat... let's get on with it!

So here are the before pics. Here's looking into her room from the doorway.

One step into her bedroom and this is what you'd see.

To the left is her closet and a randomly placed light fixture from the play area left over from a mommy/daughter girls night about 3 or 4 months ago. And a yellow trash can that didn't match anything and certainly didn't belong in that corner.

Right inside the doorway was an empty wall next to another empty wall. Boring.

Then you have her bed. Plain, prison-style slats on the headboard and footboard. It served us well as a crib (and will do so again when baby boy arrives next month), but it certainly isn't the most girly of beds.

The ever-so-embarrassing blanket hung up over the window blinds for room darkening purposes. You'll recall we had the same lameness happening in Chase's room before his room transformation. It was a quick, cheap, easy fix that was apparently easy to ignore for the past year. And next to the window is an inexpensive ClosetMaid Cubeicals storage unit from Target that was utilized as a bookcase for our avid reader daughter.

Across from LO's bed was her dresser. A tall 4-drawer chest of drawers. Again, not very girly, but it has served it's purpose and will rock out once more as baby boy's dresser.

Such a sad little dresser, quite impractical for all the "stuff" we had loaded up on that thing.

Friday morning we emptied and cleaned the room and prepared for paint!

Two coats and several hours later, our pink Ballerina Gown by BEHR bedroom was painted and ready for Phase 2 to begin Saturday morning.

And now for the big AFTER reveal! Here's the first glimpse of her new horse room!

This wall has her old Teddy lovey from when she was little that I put into a shadowbox along with a little coat rack I painted with accents to match her room. I figure her purses, hoodies, and scarves will end up here.

Her new bed! I cannot tell you how much I love her new bedding from Pottery Barn and the cute accent pillow I made with the horse appliqué. It even has a zipper on the side that I'm super proud of as it was my first time sewing in a zipper!

A little bit of pink... a little bit of purple... a lot of girly cuteness! And oh, the gorgeous chandelier!

Some running horses over her closet door!

Sweet Teddy and the coat rack.

Loving how everything perfectly matched my vision! ;) And can I just say that one of my most favorite things about this room is her box spring?! Weird, right? I found the fantastic idea online to put a fitted sheet over the box spring so it doesn't stand out and look crazy awful, and it looks perfect! I don't know why I didn't do this sooner. It worked out great because the kids' beds aren't conducive to bed skirts because of how the slats are screwed in under the box spring. So what a perfect win-win, right??

Love the horses!

Her new dresser with arched mirror! Also the tray I hand painted, the runner I sewed and some accent pieces from Hobby Lobby.

Really inexpensively created wall art. I reused the frames from some art that was in her old nursery and used some clip art from the interwebs. The only thing missing here is the nice white bookcase that will be placed below the artwork. We didn't quite get the trim on the bookcase the way I wanted so it'll be part of the Phase 2 rollout. ;)

Love the little circle star over her doorway. And one of my favorite things... the fabric-covered Mod-Podged light switch cover plate that matches the runner on her dresser.

See? Isn't it cute? So easy, too! I can't wait to do this to lots of other light switch plate covers in the house!

And just for effect, here are a few "Before & After" side-by-sides...

Here she is finally seeing her room for the first time... She was surprised!

There was so much to take in! Yay!!!

And finally... here's the big reveal of LO's new room! She had just returned from a sleepover at Gramma and PaPa's, which included lots of swimming and lots of fun, so she was pretty tired when she got home. Apparently she even napped in the car on the drive over so she was slightly less energetic than I expected, but it's all good! I'm sure we'll have fun as she discovers all of the fun things in her new room over the next few days. Oh, and please forgive all the photo snapping throughout the video and the commentary from mommy. ;)

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