Friday, October 25, 2013

Epic Win

I'm taking every victory I can get here lately -- none too big or too small. With the mess of things I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to juggle recently, I don't necessarily go looking for additional ways to add to my crazy. But there was one thing that required my attention:

Chase's hair.

This kid. I'll tell you, he's been through more in 4 years than most adults will experience in a lifetime -- 2 open-heart surgeries, 3 heart catheterizations, several outpatient surgeries -- but if you come within 5 feet of this kid with a comb and some scissors? It's major meltdown central.

I don't know why. He's been that way for, well, basically forever. Not a fan of the haircut. As in, hold-him-down-kicking-and-screaming-while-the-poor-stylist-tries-desperately-not-to-cut-herself. He seriously handles hospital recoveries better than haircuts.

So rather than subject an underpaid stylist to put up with that kind of crazy, I opted to... wait for it... attempt it myself.

It was the perfect setup, from cartoons on TV to sitting in his own chair. But it still went down like mad. Luckily no one ended up scarred, bleeding or bald. 😉

I figure, after all he's been through, he can have this. The haircut crazy frenzy meltdown. Every. Single. Time. But I think it relieves some stress having him perform this madness in the comfort of our own home.

Not the best Before/After pics, but I promise it's much improved! My big kid!!! Four years old tomorrow!!!

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