Monday, November 18, 2013


It wasn't expected.

I hadn't anticipated it.

I never thought it'd happen today.

But it did.

I got the call. THE call. The one I've been waiting on for over 4 years. I knew it would happen and I knew I wouldn't be prepared. And I wasn't.

The Charleston area code on my phone. At first I considered that it might be the Beads of Courage contact at MUSC calling me with more information on getting Chase enrolled in this amazing program for children coping with serious illness and their families.

It wasn't.

It was the Pediatric Cardiothoracic surgery scheduling department. They were calling to schedule the third of Chase's planned heart surgeries, the Fontan.

Dear Jesus!

We knew this surgery would take place in May 2014 and that we'd eventually get a call from MUSC to schedule the actual date. Somehow just knowing "May" was enough for me. It didn't impact my daily routine.

But now? Having an actual date?? This mama is going to stress like a fool! It's never easy to turn your child over for surgery... but another heart surgery? His third? Now at 4 years old? This kid is such a Rock Star and a warrior and a fighter but that world of heart surgery is every bit of 3 1/2 years in our past! Now to have it suddenly be in our future again? With an actual date and everything?? There are no words.

I can only ask that those of you who may still be reading along on this journey of ours will begin to flood the gates of heaven with your prayers even now for a successful surgery, smooth recovery, no complications and a stronger, healthier Chase once it's done.

I just love this boy!!!!!


  1. ((Hugs))) mama! I know how scary it is to get that call!! You can do this! Chase is a rockstar and will do great!

  2. You KNOW we will be praying for Chase and his family! I will echo Jenny's comment and only add his Momma rocks, too. :-)