Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas 2013!!!

WARING: You're about to see our Christmas celebrations in photos! There are lots of 'em 'cause we've had lots of fun!!!

Christmas Eve after a fun gathering at Mona's house with all of the cousins, we made sure to sprinkle the Reindeer Food on the ground before heading inside.

Since we weren't able to open our pajama's at Mona's as we had planned (funny story that will forever be comically remembered), we waited until we got home to open 'em up! Of course by that time, E was already hard core out cold, so just the older two were able to open their Christmas Eve present: homemade matching pajamas! What a fun project they were for me to make!

Here's Rudolph waiting patiently to open the first gift of the Christmas season...

Chase was very patient, too!

And Sir Sleeps-a-lot was, as I mentioned, out cold.


Chase LOVED his new pajamas!!!


LO loved hers, too! She especially loved the removable red bow!

Two-thirds of my little loves!

Seriously. He LOVED them.


Little E's pajamas were ready and waiting for bedtime...

Hope Santa was still hungry when he hit our place last night. We had THREE plates of cookies, some carrots for Rudolph and a large cup of refreshing chocolate milk!

LO was sure to leave a few notes for the Big Guy. She made him a sleigh out of paper (complete with each reindeer and paper sacks full of toys) and left a note to let him know it was his to take with him. Too sweet!

And then there was the one about whether or not he had Rudolph with him...

After a late night for mommy and daddy, everything was set for Christmas morning.

The stockings were too heavy for our stocking hangers to handle, so we put new ornaments on the hangers and left the stockings on the ground. Quick and easy access for the kiddos!

FINALLY! Christmas morning and time to open stockings!!!

Even the little guy got in on the stocking action. Sorry for the bad iPhone pic. ;)

Ah, yes... my THREE little loves! 'Tis a Merry Christmas for sure!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!

Now what about all of these gifts? Is it time to open? OH YES IT IS!!!!

This kid was TOO excited about getting a Wii U so he could play Super Mario 3D World!

His big sister was pretty excited about his gift, too!

FINALLY! A bracelet loom kit like she's always wanted! Thanks, Mona!

WHAT?! Santa knows the folks at Build-A-Bear?! How perfect! Now she has the whole My Little Pony collection... until they release the next one, of course.

Meanwhile, Chase was still pretty excited about this new Wii U...

Yay! Super Mario Bros. U!

YES! Super Mario 3D World! His life is now complete!!!

Contrary to the look on his face, he was SUPER excited about a new Super Mario shirt!

More My Little Pony for our little pony girl!

This guy was content in his own little play land of toys and wrapping paper!

More Mario gear, of course!

Pretty stoked about the Mario Kart slot car race track!!

And this is how the kids spent the long, arduous minutes waiting for the Wii U to be set up and ready to play. How they can just watch the little cars go 'round and 'round the track over and over again... can you tell I'm no NASCAR fan? Haha!

One of my faves... LO made Chase a special gift and wrapped it up. He was LESS than thrilled to see it was just an empty toilet paper roll that she colored and turned into a telescope. Haha!

Had to do this! Pretty sure we have a pic of each of the kids with a bow on their head on their first Christmas morning, too! LOL!

Now we're finally playing Wii U while mommy and daddy get the house ready for our big family gathering tonight... can't wait!!


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