Tuesday, August 11, 2015

LO's 8th Birthday!

This year, I let LO be in charge of planning her own birthday party! It was such a relief for me to not carry that entire burden myself. ;) She was pretty excited about it and put together a pretty great party!

Of course the day started with birthday pancakes!

We asked her if she wanted to her open gifts from us before her party or not. She of course chose to open them before the party. And she was pretty happy with that decision.


Another book!

Swim flippers! YAY!!

The Rainbow Dash My Little Pony pillow she wanted me to make for her. I think she was pretty happy with how it turned out! :)

Birthday cake! Chocolate with cookies n' cream filling and chocolate buttercream. DELISH.

Make a wish, sweet baby girl!

Oh how I love her! And her sweet cousin, also pictured. ;)

What!? My Little Pony stuff?? Awesome!

A book. About dinosaurs. Double win!

A t-shirt? Put a horse on it. This girl loves any and all things horse!

Cash! A new favorite! She saved up her birthday money to buy -- wait for it -- another My Little Pony!

Aaaaaand... another book!

After cake, ice cream and presents, it was time for the pool! Yay!!

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