Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Summer Catch Up: Beach Edition Part II

In addition to our beach day trip back in June, we recently spent a few days at Myrtle Beach at the end of July. Here are some pics of the kids enjoying the beach as well as the hotel's waterpark. And lots of ice cream, of course. ;)

P.S. I don't know why my watermark is crazy huge on some of these pics... but it's like 1AM and I don't feel like figuring it out right now... ;) Please forgive me!

I'm guessing he saw one of those airplanes with the message thingy behind it. Or maybe just a regular airplane. Or a bird. Or a cloud. Or the moon even. I don't know. This kid really likes to point out things in the sky.

Yes, she was glaring at me. No, I didn't adjust the shadow in iPhoto before posting. #tiredandlazy

Love this girl!

What a rare sight! Three little monkeys in a bed... all smiling and/or not fighting (for a brief moment).

What?! Talk about a rare sighting! Non-prompted sibling love caught on camera! WIN!

Meanwhile, back at the table...

She's buried!

He's buried!

He's buried, too!

Lazy river. My fave.

Okay, so this was Chase after daddy literally forced him to go down the waterslide... something he's refused to do every summer at every other waterpark we've ever visited. For one reason or another, this stubborn little guy has not wanted anything to do with waterslides! He wasn't very happy about the experience.

The next time around (because yes, we, like the amazingly awesome parents we are, forced him to go again even after he was kicking & screaming the first time), this joker was ALL SMILES. We knew he'd love it once he was over the fear and newness of it!

Aaaaaannnnddd... guess what Chase did for the rest of our time at the waterpark?

Over and over...

...and over and over again!

Here's a little panoramic of our view from the 10th floor of our hotel.

I know this is super grainy, but I had to capture the morning snuggles I had with sweet E. He woke up waaaay earlier than we wanted (think 7:00 AM, folks), so I let him cuddle up with me in my bed. It was pure heaven!!!

We ate some ice cream on vacay.

Lots and lots of ice cream.

Our final morning on the beach. I so love this little beauty!

E loved the waterpark, too!

We put our 2-year-old to work on this vacation. He's pretty strong for, well, you know, a 2-year-old. ;)


Surprise! More ice cream!



We had a great time in Myrtle Beach and can't wait to go back again next summer!

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