Tuesday, July 25, 2017

LO's 10th Birthday!

What a day! We've had a wonderful time celebrating LO's 10th birthday! I can barely believe she's been here for a DECADE! Or that I've been a mom for ten whole years! I still feel like such a novice when it comes to parenting, but that's a post for another day!

To kick off LO's birthday celebration, she had a sleepover with a couple of her friends two weeks ago. It was so much fun! The girls had a blast, and I appreciated the fact that LO basically handled all.of.the.details. for the party. What a treat for me! She did everything -- from the invitations to the menu planning to the crafts to the cupcake baking -- EVERYTHING! It was wonderful.

Here's her adorable handmade invite! Her handwriting could definitely be better, but I'm pretty sure she did them quickly in her room during quiet time.

She made these cupcakes! I showed her how to pipe the chocolate buttercream on one cupcake and she did the rest! All the horse decor was perfect!

Themed snacks ftw!

The girls enjoyed snacks, pizza, movies, popcorn, and of course they did nails! Two of LO's younger brothers decided to get in on the action. Here's E sporting his pretty nails! Chase had his done with Poké balls, but I forgot to take a pic! #momfail

The second phase of LO's birthday extravaganza was with our family on her actual birthday. We started the day with our traditional birthday pancakes! I can't believe all the candles!

Brother love!

More brother love!

Lots of brother love!

I think this one shows some sister love! Little squishy loves his big sis!

Mmmmmmm... breakfast!

My sweet girl BAKED HER OWN birthday cake! She's becoming an expert! She made a cookies and cream buttercream filling and chocolate buttercream for the finishing touch!

My beautiful girl!

Couldn't help but grab a pic of this guy's cheesy grin. ;)

Goofy girl!

My little pyro loves to light her own candles! With parent supervision, obvi.

May your wish come true!

Her card from mommy & daddy.

Um, E likes cake. And being silly.

Present time!!

She was THRILLED to get the 4th book in this series! It released TODAY on her actual birthday. She couldn't be more excited!!!

I love love love love love this gift! I created monthly date nights that rotate between mommy & daddy each month for a year. This month is a daddy/daughter date, next month is a mommy/daughter date, etc., through June of next year. Quality time is her main love language, so I think she's excited about this gift!!!

She was so surprised (and shocked, actually!) that she would have special dates with us for an entire year! Love her so!!!

Chase has Pikachu from Build-A-Bear. E has Charmander. LO has been wanting Eevee. We have a trip to BAB in our future! :)

Yet ANOTHER horse craft. This girl LOVES these things! She has quite a collection!

A gorgeous artsy horse shirt!

Seriously -- she was SO goofy today!


Again with this goofy dude!

LO's yummy cake!

Tonight we enjoyed the next phase of "LO Turns Ten" with dinner at Pizza Inn with our family! It was SO much fun to have ((most of)) our family all together to celebrate LO!! Unfortunately I was so busy chatting and stuffing my face that I didn't take any pics! But we had a great time, and my sweet girl was spoiled with a ton of awesome gifts from her loving family.

It seems my sweet girl had a great day celebrating her 10th birthday, and we will continue to celebrate throughout the rest of the week. She's so excited! I just love that girl so much and I'm so grateful for the blessing of being her mama! I cannot wait to see what God has in store for the next 10 years of her life!!!


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