Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Squish is Ten Months Old!

Happy 10 months, Squishy!

Ten months + two teeny baby teeth!

I literally just found these two teeth yesterday (Tuesday, 4/17). I *never* would have guessed the boy was teething... much less having TWO pop through at the same time! He is such a happy lil' babe!

We're starting to round the corner into mobility. He's scooting a bit, and has essentially mastered the front to back AND back to front rollovers... even if he still has a tiny struggle pulling an arm out from underneath himself once over. And the boy LOVES to hold fingers and WALK. I haven't seen any notion towards crawling as it seems this guy has his sights set on the walking game.

His only/favorite word continues to be DADA. And my feelings aren't hurt or anything... ((sigh))

The boy can EAT. He's up to 21 lbs. and we have yet to find anything he won't devour. He still loves baby foods and yogurt but his favorite thing these days is pizza crust. My little carb lover! Basically anything he sees us eating, he wants to have some, too. It's a messy life we live, y'all!

He's seriously just the sweetest thing.

I just can't get enough.

Sweet baby!

Those rolls though. Love this dough baby!!!

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