Monday, April 30, 2018

E's 5th Birthday!

Happy 5th Birthday to E!

My sweet little fella is turning 5 today and I couldn't be more excited to celebrate him! This has literally been the most low-key birthday to plan... ever! It's been waaaaay different than Chase's epic 5th birthday for sure! LOL! It's been super easy because the birthday boy had all.the.plans. and I just had to sit back and make 'em happen!

First of all, he picked the theme. Can you see it?

Let's zoom in a bit...

Yes, my 4 going on 5-year-old wanted a Ghostbusters theme for his 5th birthday. Isn't he just the best!? This sweet goofball.

Next up? Breakfast pancakes of course! So hubs has been working from home pretty much exclusively for months now, and we couldn't love that more! We tend to stay super low-key and have lots of lazy mornings, but today was not one of them. Daddy has to be in the office for "regular hours" this week (GASP! LOL!) so he had to leave by 8:15 AM. Y'all. I'm usually not even AWAKE at 8:15 AM most days. The kids barely roll down the stairs at 8AM. (Remember the lazy mornings I mentioned?) So in order to have birthday pancakes together as a family (minus sweet sleeping O, who is teething/irritable and NOT to be awoken under any circumstances!), we had to do it early! So this sleep-head mama was up at 7:30 AM to make pancakes, eggs, and bacon!

SIDE NOTE: I sent hubs to Walmart last night around 12:30 AM to pick up party supplies and wrapping paper. I like to be transparent here on my blog and, yes, it's true: four kids make it hard to stay on top of all.the.things. And while hubs was at Walmart, I was baking E's cake. Because obviously going to bed at 2AM was part of my game plan. hahahaha!

Back to this morning! Everyone was up and downstairs for the big "5" birthday pancakes and singing for sweet E! Yummy!

Isn't he just the cutest?? I think so.

The kid took to blow out his candles. It was hilarious!!!

Yum-o pancakes, bacon, eggs, and orange juice. The best way to start your birthday!

After breakfast, the birthday boy decided to watch The Smurfs movie, which is what we're currently up to as I write this. And, not surprisingly, O is still asleep. Bless.

The plans for the day are all dependent on a certain 5-year-old's whims, and I'm totally cool with that. I do know he chose a very specific (and super random) menu for his birthday dinner tonight, which he insisted we have at home. The menu?

Chicken Nuggets
Hawaiian Rolls
Chocolate Milk

He's so crazy! Hahahaha! After dinner it'll be cake and ice cream and his favorite part... PRESENTS!

I can't wait to see what he asks me to make for his cake. All he's given me so far is 1) chocolate and 2) chocolate, and I'm totally on board with that.

More to come later today...

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