Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Squish's First Birthday! ~ Part II

Before beginning Squish's birthday morning, I have to include one photo of my sweet babe on the eve of his 1st birthday. Here he is last night, his last night as an 11-month-old.

What better way to wake up on your 1st birthday than by mommy turning the big light on and taking your picture??

Barely awake but still sending sleepy smiles my way!

Love this!

Now he's starting to wonder what I'm up to! LOL!

Good morning, birthday boy!

Time for birthday pancakes! LO is our official candle-lighter these days.

Singing "Happy Birthday" to our sweet Squish!

He's not sure what to think! LOL!

His helpful brother blew out the flaming candle for him.

Time to EAT! That's one thing this boy certainly knows how to do! Yummy pancakes!

How old is Squishy??  **holds up one finger** #genius

Double-fisting the pancakes! That's my boy!

Yay, sweet baby! Happy 1st Birthday, Squish!!!

Up next... dinner, presents, and cake!

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