Friday, October 26, 2018

Chase's 9th Birthday - Part I

Can you believe it?? We celebrated Chase's 9th birthday today! What an amazing blessing this sweet boy is to our family. He has the biggest heart -- especially considering he only has half of one! -- and he is so kind and compassionate. He loves all types of gaming (video games, coding, etc.), would eat hamburgers and applesauce from Culver's 24/365 if he had the option, is super crafty and artsy (he loves coloring pages and drawing), and can't get enough Pokémon!

We celebrated with a family dinner last night at -- you guessed it: Culvers! -- complete with frozen custard with two toppings for the birthday boy. We knew we wouldn't have time to celebrate with a family dinner on his actual birthday due to LO's play tonight after a week of theatre camp. And somehow, this was the only picture I took of Chase at his family birthday dinner! hahahaha!

So this morning, we had birthday pancakes for Chase before LO left for her last day of theatre camp. We even woke up Squish so he could join us for the festivities. That sweet babe usually sleeps until 10AM or 11AM, so he wasn't quite sure what was happening with an 8AM wake-up! Bless.

Here's the birthday boy with his birthday pancake! Can you believe he's 9?!

Oh look! Someone was all smiles once he realized there would be FOOD at this event. LOL!

Happy Birthday, Chase!!!

After LO's play tonight, we picked up pizza to have a late dinner followed by ice cream sundaes and... finally... gifts for the birthday boy!!!

Tomorrow night will be a family birthday celebration (breakfast dinner by request) with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. And of course, cake (chocolate with cookies n' cream filling, and yellow "Pikachu" frosting) and more ice cream!

And as if all of this weren't enough, next weekend he's having a birthday party with his buds from CC... a sleepover party! He's so excited about this one! Lots of Wii U playing, Pokémon card trading, cake and ice cream eating fun to be had by all!

I'm sensing a pattern as I write all of this into one post. It's obvious we do birthdays right around here: a seemingly endless supply of food and ice cream! LOL!

Happy 9th Birthday, Chase!

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