Saturday, October 27, 2018

Chase's 9th Birthday - Part II

Part II of Chase's 9th birthday celebration was a dinner at our home with all of our family. Chase requested one of his favorites: "breakfast dinner!" We had pancakes, bacon, eggs, breakfast casserole, fruit, and orange juice. Literally this boy could eat those things on the daily and never complain!

We had cake and ice cream, per our usual. He requested a chocolate cake with cookies n' cream buttercream filling, and Pikachu-yellow frosting. It was ginormous, but delish!

Happy Birthday, dear Chase...

Big wishes for this big boy!

E and his cousin enjoying their cake & ice cream.

Time for presents!

GASP! He was so excited!

This kid LOVES gaming.

And his love of Mario is still quite strong!

A Golden Ninja mini-figure!

Sweet baby squish (in a bag). Adorbs.

Time to assemble the goods! All hands on deck!

We had a great time celebrating Chase with the family who was able to join us tonight! We love y'all bunches and are so grateful you were able to join us to celebrate the amazing miracle that is our sweet boy Chase!

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