Saturday, June 8, 2019

Squish's 2nd Birthday!

We had a great day celebrating Squish's 2nd birthday... 5 days before his actual birthday (he's still ONE for 5 more days! YAY!).

He loooooooooves Pikachu (from Pokémon), so it made sense for us to have a Pikachu party! He also loves coloring, so we started out with some coloring pages.

Just a few light snacks, including some of Squish's favorites: Doritos, apple slices, and grapes!

Pikachu cupcakes!

Seriously... Pikachu EVERYWHERE! LOL! Even his gifts were wrapped to look like Pikachu (thanks, Pinterest!).

Big sis LO blew up 70-something balloons and drew Pikachu faces on all of them! Win!

My mom the artist! Check out her Pikachu drawing! I love it!! And so did Squish!

Too cool for his party! LOL! He's wearing the free sunglasses he got at the hair place last night when I took him for his "big boy" haircut (he aged 2 or 3 years at least!).

Parties are better with friends and cousins!

Opening presents! He's not the biggest fan of opening gifts, but he made it through most of them!

Squish's gift from LO... Detective Pikachu!

His new ride from Mona! It "talks" to the Smart Home toy he got for Christmas.

Time for cupcakes and singing!

Yay, Squish!!

Love this boy bunches!

This cracks me up. Here he is with his first bite of cupcake (yes, he insisted on a fork!)...

....and about 5 minutes later he was "All Done!" and ready to get out of his chair.

Sweet smiles!

Time to relax and play!

A real-life Pikachu spotting! Check it out!!!

So much ADORABLE that I can't even handle it!!!

Sweet Squish had a great 2nd birthday party! We are so grateful to be blessed with wonderful family and friends to celebrate with us!

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