Thursday, June 13, 2019

Squish's (actual) 2nd Birthday!

Today we celebrated our sweet Squish's 2nd birthday! It's hard to believe just two short years ago I sharing his birth story and documenting our first week with baby #4!

Squish's birthday morning began with our usual family tradition... birthday pancakes!

He's TWO, y'all!

Look at that sweet face!

Awwww! He loved it when we sang "Happy Birthday" to him!

Cuteness overload! He's blowing out the candles. I just love this boy!

The rest of our day was pretty standard... lunch, nap time, and dinner--at Culver's, of course!

We happened to be eating dinner at Culver's at 5:25 PM tonight when Squish officially hit the big T-W-O! Seemed appropriate, considering our family essentially lives at our local Culver's!

After dinner, we came home to open the rest of the presents that he refused to open at his birthday party on Saturday. Surprisingly, he was more than happy to oblige and open his Pikachu-themed gifts! So much so that it was difficult to get him to stop long enough for a quick photo! LOL!

Yay! Squish loves Pikachu presents!

Take note of the Pikachu slippers he's wearing in the image below. These were in a box he had just opened and he insisted on putting them on immediately and didn't want to take them off! The boy really loves wearing everyone's shoes inside the house. He's hilarious!

Here he is opening the Pikachu comforter, crib sheet, and pillowcase I made for his bed. He really loved them!

See? He immediately laid them out on the floor and tested them out... with big brother Chase's help!

Somehow the slippers came off. He placed them on the floor in front of him and said, "Pleeeeease?" until someone came over to help him put them back on.

More Pikachu gifts!

What's next? Why, a birthday cupcake, of course! Here is Squish waiting ever-so-patiently for the singing to begin.

He really loves cupcakes. And the "Happy Birthday" song. And hearing everyone sing his name. Love his smiley face!

"Happy Birthday, dear Squishy..."

Notice those adorably interlaced fingers and the exorbitant amount of patience he is displaying here!

His attempt to blow out the candles! So sweet! Again with the fingers! #smitten

Cupcakes make for one happy birthday boy!



Silly boy!!!

He loves his cupcakes!

"All done!"

While he was cleaned up following his cupcake deliciousness, I made his bed with his new Pikachu bedding.

((Yes, there are THREE lion lovies and FOUR pacis in his bed. This is how parenting is done, folks.))

So much Pikachu cuteness! I hope he sleeps well surrounded by so.much.Pikachu! 

I sent LO up to take some pictures of his room and she thought a pano would be fun. Enjoy! LOL!

Happy 2nd Birthday, sweet Squish!

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