Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas 2019

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone reading this is enjoying the best Christmas ever! We've had a wonderful holiday week so far. Last night, for Christmas Eve, we attended a wonderful service at our church and enjoyed a big family gathering at my sister's house. The kids all opened their matching buffalo plaid pajamas! It was so much fun!

This morning, the kids were so kind to wait until after 8AM to wake up (some of them much later), so I was able to sneak downstairs to get a few pics before they came downstairs to kick off the magic!

Every year, the kids get new ornaments. Squish got a new car!

E got a Star Wars ornament!

Chase got a new game controller ornament!

And LO got a new reindeer!

Here are a few pics of the loot!

The kids made cookies for Santa last night and they came out so cute! Here's a BEFORE pic...

And an AFTER pic once Santa was done with them! LOL! He enjoyed his cookies and chocolate milk. He even wrote back to Chase's request for a note from Santa in his journal!

The kids were SUPER excited to see all the Christmas fun awaiting them downstairs!

My favorite thing about Christmas this year was watching the kids start out by opening the gifts they had each made for each other. Chase made E a Splatoon gun of some sort. It was so neat to see Chase was probably just excited to GIVE the gift as E was to receive it!

LO crocheted an AMAZING Pikachu for Chase. I still can't believe she MADE this! Isn't he adorable?!

Check out this adorable reindeer LO made for me! I love it so much!

Chase was thrilled to receive one of his Christmas wishes: a skateboard!

Lots of new games for E this year (since he happens to be an expert at losing game pieces). Ha!

Chase and E with their new onesie jams: Pikachu for Chase and a Minecraft creeper for E!

O finally woke up about 2 hours later and was excited to try out his new balance bike!

His stocking contained one of his most favorite things ever: M&Ms!

Bed hair don't care. LOL!

Here O paused mid-gift opening to randomly say, "Cheese!" since I had my camera in his face. Haha!

I didn't get too many pics of LO, but she was super thrilled with her new Warrior book sets, a new dress, new boots, and lots of other great stuff!

We loved our family time this morning, and are super excited to continue our Christmas festivities with Christmas dinner at our BFFs tonight, and then hosting my entire family for Christmas dinner tomorrow night!

Merry Christmas, all!

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