Sunday, December 29, 2019

The One Where We Tell the Kids

If you happened to miss my little announcement on Christmas, we are excited about welcoming our fifth (and FINAL😜) little one, who we've dubbed "Cinco," due July 1, 2020! There's so much to share, and since I'm terrible at both remembering details AND filling out baby books, my blog will serve yet again as the central hub for

We told the kids the day after Thanksgiving. As usual, I had a grand plan that did NOT go as expected. I wanted to take a Christmas photo of the kids in their pajamas, and add in an extra pair for baby to see their reaction. I planned to use the beautiful photo that resulted as our Christmas card AND baby announcement for family and friends.

For starters, my setup was terrible. A way-too-small blanket on the grass, some ghetto garland sprinkled with a few red and gold ornaments, and a ladder to get some height over the kids for the photo. It just wasn't a great setup.

Here's my proof:

Can you say double-chin? Can you say completely uncooperative 2-year-old? Things just didn't go according to my vision.

While taking the (awful) pictures, I mentioned how something was missing. I asked hubs for some help, and he walked over and put the additional baby pajamas next to Squish. You can already see LO and Chase are looking perplexed...

They sat up for a closer look...

At first they thought it was something for the new puppy (blog post coming soon on that one!), but then they realized what it meant. Well, the older two did. E and Squish were both quite oblivious!

LO's face was priceless once she realized what was going on and looked up at me on the ladder. LOL!

Overall I think it was safe to say they were surprised!

My sweet smiley Squish!

Chase's face says it all... LOL!

As does LO's... 

I love my sweet crew and I'm so excited to welcome one more sweet little to our family!

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