Saturday, August 29, 2009

3 More...

So you may recall that hubs and I saw 3 Charleston properties last Saturday, only one of which was feasible for our time at MUSC. Of course you know by now that THE ONE we wanted got taken out from under us and we were back at square one.

This past week, I've been diligently searching for more properties and am happy to say we have 3 more rentals to see this week when we're in Charleston for my first MUSC appointment. Two of them have a GREAT location -- within TWO BLOCKS from MUSC. The unfortunate thing is that both of them are only 2 bedroom properties. This will result in us having to put LO in her pack n' play in our bedroom with us. This typically spells N-I-G-H-T-M-A-R-E when it comes to her sleeping schedule, which ultimately ends up impacting her attitude, which then snowballs into affecting mine and hubs' state of mind! This is NOT something we need to throw on top of what will already be an extremely trying time for us.

The third property is an actual house. Like, with a yard and everything. In a neighborhood. It's a bit out of our budget, even though the owners have come down significantly from their usual price because of our situation with Chase. The biggest drawback, though, is that it's located 10-15 minutes from MUSC.

It's such a delicate balance of trying to find a rental property that has 1) enough space for 4 adults and a 2-year-old, 2) comfortable and familiar enough that it doesn't wreak havoc on LO's daily routine, 3) is in close proximity to MUSC for our several trips to and from, and 4) fits somewhat comfortably into our budget. We know we're not gonna find a win-win property that meets all of our criteria, but it's tough deciding which one(s) to cave on and which one(s) to hold fast to.

I guess we'll have a better idea of things once we see the properties and figure out if/how we could potentially make them work. I'm just so "over" dealing with this part of things. I mean, I'm almost 31 weeks pregnant. There's already a huge cloud over this pregnancy because of Chase's diagnosis, which makes it somewhat difficult to truly celebrate and embrace this, most likely my last, pregnancy. And friends and family have very interestingly left me be for the most part, not inquiring about how I'm feeling or wanting to talk with me AT ALL about my pregnancy. And in a way I can understand that because people don't want to say the wrong thing or whatever. But on top of all that, I'm bearing the stress of finding the "perfect" temporary new home where we will reside during what will most certainly be THE HARDEST THING I'VE EVER FACED IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!!

I think it's time for another hour-long prenatal massage...


  1. the housing thing was a big stress with me as well, unfortunatly it still is one of the biggest stress. The thing to remember is that God will always provide your needs... He has proven that over and over with us. Be patient, keep putting the word out there, something will open up. I remember feeling very alone during pregnacy because people just don't understand unless they have been there. It's hard to convey the seriousness of all this without making people feel sorry for you. Please call if you want to talk. I found it very helpful to talk with someone who had just gone through it all before us. Hopefully, we'll meet tomorrow. We r in bed 7. Say hi if you stop by.

  2. Good luck today!!

    Sorry the ones closest to you are not helping you enjoy this pregnancy by talking about it often. That must be hard.

    Hope you get a better idea of these new places on your trip!!

    Thinking of you guys today!

  3. Hope all is going well; wishing you the best of luck finding a place, and praying for little Chase.

    Good luck!!

    P.S. I find it sad that people aren't talking to you about your pregnancy. You are carrying another life in your tum! That's so VERY amazing.