Thursday, August 13, 2009

Channeling My Creative Side

As I mentioned earlier, I had the distinct honor and privilege of throwing a baby shower for my dear friend H. In doing so, I also created a few handmade gifts that I'm, quite frankly, very proud of! I'm not the most artistic, artsy-type person, so this was a tad bit of a stretch for me. But boy was I pleased with the results!

My first task was what I referred to as "Project Onesie." My lovely sister-in-law over at With This Ring Weddings and With This Nest sent me a link to the how-to instructions located on a Cookie magazine blog. These were fun to do and super simple to create! The options are endless, as you can probably tell from the instructions. They used animal shapes in the instructions, which I felt were too "boy-ish" so I opted for some other shapes to make them more girl-friendly. Here are a few shots of my tiny masterpieces:

This one's my favorite:
Both Mommy and Daddy are Clemson alumni, so this one was a must-have!

My other project was a wall print for the baby's nursery. I found a seller on Etsy that makes the prints -- you just have to purchase the mat and frame. Unfortunately, the "final project" I received from the seller did not meet my expectations, so, naturally, I recreated the print myself. You wouldn't know this, but the background of the print matches the bedding H selected for the baby's nursery. And in case it isn't obvious, the baby's name starts with -- you guessed it! -- the letter "A." I absolutely love how this turned out!