Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Gracious! They say the only thing constant is change, right? Well, we had all our ducks in a row and all the plans in place for Chase's cath procedure, only to change it all up at the last minute.

My wonderful mom was going to keep LO Wednesday and Thursday and my awesome sister was gonna take over Thursday night til we get home Fridat afternoon. Due to a sequence of utter insanity, hubs and I made the VERY last-minute decision to being LO with us. This was pure madness on our part, but ultimately we're happy with our decision.

We had planned to leave at 3pm for Charleston. We made the decision around 2pm. I has already packed Chase's stuff and most of mine. I had already typed up instructions for LO's care providers, including an Emergency Medical Consent form signed by both hubs and I and a copy of her insurance card. Whew! Now I was scrambling to get clothes, shoes, toys, books, games, jackets, DVD player, DVDs, food and drinks for LO.

Then I realized: If I take Chase to MUSC at 6:15am tomorrow, how will hubs and LO get to the hospital if we only take one car?? Should we take two cars? Should take one car and rent one in Charleston? How much longer and harder would the 4 hour drive be if we had to stop to feed Chase when he's hungry? How would I manage two kids in the car alone on such a long drive?? Now I can't pump in the car and feed it to him in a bottle while hubs is driving! Argh. Hubs finally decides we're taking one car. Whew! He called the hotel and confirmed they have a van that could take hubs and LO to MUSC tomorrow morning, but that would mean lugging LO's convertible car seat all over the hospital all day! There's no way she would ride in the van without a car seat, even though the hotel is only a block or two away!

Then hubs had a moment of pure genius: he could put LO's car seat in the Jeep when he gets to MUSC since the Jeep will already be in the parking garage there from when I bring Chase over earlier tha morning!

Done deal.

So now we're about 30 minutes from Charleston and only stopped ONCE for a potty break and to feed Chase. What a miracle! As I type this, BOTH kids are asleep in the back seat.

Dear, sweet silence. How I've missed you!

Tonight and tomorrow will be crazy and hectic but I know we'll survive. Here's what the next two days looks like for us, although I'm sure there's many things that will happen that I don't know about yet!

7:30pm - arrive at the hotel, check in, unpack, figure out how/when/where to eat a quick dinner

9pm - EVERYONE in bed (I hope!)

11:30pm - wake Chase up to eat and cram him full of food as best as I can

3am - wake Chase up again and give him some Pedialyte since he's allowed to have some in hopes of keeping him happy til he can eat again in several hours

5am - mommy gets up (again!) and gets Chase up and ready to go

6:15am - mommy and Chase go to Admissions at MUSC for his procedure. We then go wherever they tell us and do whatever they say (get Chase's weight, o2 sat, BPs, etc.).

8am - The cath procedure begins around this time. Could be sooner or later. I'll get hourly updates that I'll post on my blog, Twitter and Facebook

10am - at some point, hubs and LO will take the hotel van to MUSC and join me in the waiting area

12pm - Chase should be back in his observation room. Hubs and I can see him, but LO isn't allowed in for 2 hours while hw recovers. We hope to get lots of good information from the cath and pray that Chase does SUPER-AWESOME!

3pm - at some point Chase will be taken to 7C for observation overnight. LO and hubs will go back to the hotel for naps while mommy stays with my boy

6pm - hubs and LO come back to visit with mommy and Chase.

8pm - hubs and LO back to the hotel for the night while mommy stays with Chase.

11am - my goal/hope/dream/wish/prayer is that Chase is discharged by 11am on Friday. We shall see!

6pm - we hope to be back home! Keep us in your prayers!!!

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