Saturday, February 13, 2010

Just Another Update...

Well, first of all, Happy Valentine's Day! Our little family celebrated in a weird sort of way this year. We decided we weren't going to "officially" celebrate (read: no cards, flowers, chocolates, romantic dinner, etc.) and decided to mainly do stuff for the kids. I sort of broke protocol by ordering myself a beautiful necklace from Blue Nile (my FAV!) and let my husband give it to me for Valentine's Day. ;) He cheated as well by giving me a gold Godiva box filled with 8 of my favorite truffles: Dark Chocolate Raspberry! YUM! Yesterday we let LO open one of her Valentine's Day gifts a few days early... Hungry, Hungry Hippos! We figured since we got a very rare day of snow and were stuck inside (ha! like every other day of our week!), we should make the most of it and play a fun game. Then today I bought this gem at Target for Chase and let him break it in a day early. I'll post pics of the early gift fun for the kids tomorrow.

On another note, I realized I didn't give an update regarding Chase's echo last Friday. I already mentioned that Dr. Horne found a narrow section in his aorta. Well, he went back and looked at his previous 2 echos (December and January) and it turns out the narrow section was there on both of his previous echos. This raised some concerns for hubs and I. Why wasn't it noticed before? We'll have another echo next Friday and my guess is it will still be there, and hopefully not any more narrow than it was in the previous echos. I'm still a bit frustrated that we were completely blindsided last week by this additional complication. It will be addressed during Chase's next surgery, but I so hate the idea of having MORE stuff done. Ugh.

Guess that's it for now. I'm tired. And I wish I had some ice cream.


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