Sunday, June 20, 2010

First Time for Everything!

Just wanted to share a little shout-out here on the blog that my crazy self just completed my first 5k yesterday! I've been working out with a trainer twice a week for almost 3 months (have I mentioned that here before??) and am ecstatic to tell you I've lost almost 20 pounds! C-ya later, evil baby weight and heart surgery stress weight! Yay! So I decided why not put myself through even more torture by completing my first 5k? Sounds like fun!

The race was at 9pm last night, which was my only saving grace considering it was still about 88 degrees when the race started. I can't imagine running a race in the dead heat of the day! Eeeew! So I told myself I wanted to come in under 45 minutes, and I totally succeeded! My chip time was 40:18!!! I figure this isn't half-bad considering I didn't even know about the race until 9 days beforehand so I literally did not train AT ALL for it.



  1. woooo!!!! that is awesome! Are you going to do another one? Maybe you need to try a mini? :o)

  2. very exciting, congrats on taking the time to do something entirely for yourself!

  3. I ran my first 5k on Saturday too! Go us!