Wednesday, June 9, 2010


  • How is it possible a laundry room becomes the dumping ground for all things non-laundry related?
  • How do you teach an almost 3-year-old to listen?
  • How are couples with children able to act like a couple?
  • How come Chase's bedroom (which he is not currently using) constantly becomes a spare room/dumping ground to the point at which you cannot navigate through the room without tripping or hurting yourself?
  • How do you prepare for your first 5k run? UPDATE: I neglected to mention my first 5k is in 9 days. Ack!
  • How do you get your HDTV sound to come through your Blu-Ray surround sound system when watching cable TV?
  • How do all those crumbs end up under the kitchen table?
  • How can single-income families afford to send their children to private schools?
  • How do you decide between an at-home birthday party (for the 3rd year in a row) vs. one at Chuck E. Cheese's for your 3-year-old?
  • How do you handle disagreements in your marriage?
  • How do you keep lettuce from turning brown?
  • How does the white kitchen sink that was bleached and scrubbed end up dingy and dirty with smooshed banana crusting over in the corner?
  • How can you upgrade to iPhone 4 if it's only been 9 months since you purchased your iPhone 3GS?
  • How much stuff should you teach your 3-year-old before she begins preschool in the fall?
  • How can you take two small children to the pool by yourself without compromising their safety?
  • How do you know what happiness looks like?


  1. Well I can help with the 5K thing:

  2. Sounds like you are having one of "my" days! LOL!!!

  3. I was going to send you the same link lspoon did for the 5k? Not that I've tried it or anything, but I researched it for Meg when she was thinking about running one and the reviews were good.
    I think the Chuck E Cheese party is a great idea for a 3 year old who just LOVES Chuck E Cheese!!
    As for the other stuff, you're on your own for right now!