Thursday, November 4, 2010

Salsa Time!

I'm hosting a Pampered Chef party tomorrow night (I'm in DESPERATE need of a new $8.50 skinny scraper!) and am really excited about it. I love to host things. I love to cook, bake and make stuff. This isn't new to those of you who know me well or have been reading the blog for a while. So I have a nice list of yummy appetizers and finger foods to serve tomorrow night, along with the recipes the Consultant will be demonstrating. Yum.

One of the items on my list is restaurant-style salsa. I love me some salsa. And chips. And more salsa. And more chips. So of course I went to my trusty Internet recipe source: The Pioneer Woman. Lo and behold, she had a restaurant-style salsa recipe that I was totally stoked to try.

So I knocked it out this morning while the kids were eating breakfast. Then I tried it.

In the words of LO, "Oh, wow."

It was delish. And I can only imagine how much better it will taste after sitting in the fridge for a few hours, all the flavors and ingredients coming together in sheer bliss.

My only issue with the salsa spectacular this morning? Of course, the mess:

My food processor and I aren't on speaking terms. I don't know what the deal is (user error), but I'm always having problems with stuff falling out the center. And when I went to dump the salsa into a bowl, half of it spilled out the middle before I could get it to the bowl! I'm pretty sure this is my fault, since I removed the blade while the container was still on the food processor, so when I lifted the container (with nothing in the center), there was a lovely, gaping hole for it all to fall out of. Argh! Maybe I should read the manual...

But again, I can't reiterate enough how worth it this was:

I'm not ashamed to admit I had salsa for breakfast this morning... :)

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