Thursday, February 25, 2010


Just finished talking with Dr. Baker. The cath procedure was a success! They ballooned te coarctation and it went from 4.3 (more on that later) to 6! His aorta is closer to 7.5 so the ballooned area is not as large as the rest of it but definitely better! The gradient went feom 10 to 0 which is great! I don't know that I really understand that so I'm sure you guys don't either. I'll try to explain more and better later. Right now I'm in th PICU waiting area waiting to see him. It should be about time now. More later...

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Cath Update #5

They ballooned the coarctation and took more measurements and pictures. I'm waitng to talk to Dr. Baker now. They are taking Chase to the PICU so he can ease off the ventilator to prevent a mishap like we had before. Praying everything's okay. Didn't get a lot of info via pager an am anxious to talk to Dr. Baker. Please pray! Will post update as soon as I can!

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Cath Update #4

11:00 AM - They are measuring now to see if they need to balloon (the coarctation).

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Cath Update #3

10:37 AM - The catheters are in and they are taking pictures and measurements.

Assuming all is well since they haven't told me otherwise.

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Cath Update #2

9:30 AM - The echo is done and they're putting the catheters in.

Cath Update #1

They just took him back for the cath procedure. They'll do an echo first (after they get him intubated and under anesthesia) so the actual cath procedure probably won't start for another 30 minutes to an hour.

Please be praying for my sweet boy!!!

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