Monday, July 25, 2011

LO's 4th Birthday Party -- 2 of 2

Well, a certain little girl's weekend o' birthday fun has finally drawn to a close, much to her worn out mommy's delight. Honestly, it's been a lot of fun! But I'm happy to say now that I have a 4-year-old daughter, and her birthday weekend was full of fun and memorable experiences for us all.

Tonight was her much-anticipated Chuck E. Cheese's party. While it was nice to not have to worry about the food, set up, clean up or entertainment, I was somewhat annoyed at how the party was handled. Imagine them telling your party over the loudspeaker to stop playing and return to the party area, only for all of you to stand around for 15 minutes while the party next to yours goes through their spiel, at which point you ask your party coordinator about this and she confirms for you that the call was only for "their" party and not yours, even though there was no indication as such. No biggie. Everybody go back to playing. Ten minutes later, another announcement for the party guests to return to the party area. Your hot food is delivered and you get your kids and the adults situated with their dinner, only to have the party team show up, the "live" Chuck E. Cheese guy show up, followed by clapping, getting out of your seat to dance, then drumming on the table, then singing another song, then shouting a "Happy Birthday" game, then more clapping, dancing and singing. Notice: not any eating. Rather, watching all of your hot food get cold while your children are confused about whether they should be eating, playing, singing, clapping or dancing. Add to that just seconds after this phase of the party was over and folks could actually get back to the eating of their cold pizza and wings that the party coordinator brings your daughter's birthday cupcake to her (she has yet to take a bite of her dinner), lights the candle and places it in front of her, while instructing the party guests to sing yet again to the birthday girl. WHEW! It was about 20 minutes of pure madness and uncontrollable mayhem! ((Note to self: THIS is the very reason every single birthday party for both of my kids has ALWAYS been at HOME until now.))

After the craziness was over, we were left to enjoy our evening at our own pace, which was much appreciated. Everyone was finally able to eat their dinner, enjoy a birthday cupcake and hang out. The kids got to play, then LO was able to open her gifts, then they all went back to playing some more. With the exception of those 20 minutes of "hurry up and follow the recorded music that allows us to move parties in and out of here in less than 20 minutes during peak party hours," I think it was a wonderful time and the most important part was that LO had a blast!!!

Here are some pics of my 4-year-old and her big party!

Chase. Hanging out. Already with a messy shirt not even 10 minutes after we arrived. No idea how he managed that.

Giving Chuck E. Cheese a hug because she was instructed to.

Chase. Glaring me down. Because he can.

Smiling with Chuck E. Cheese. Sort of a fake grin plastered to her face, but I'll take it!

A boy and his cupcake. He did some damage on that thing and the accompanying chocolate ice cream!

Daddy told the birthday girl to shove her face into her cupcake. And, being the well-behaved, obedient child that we've raised, she did.

She's so silly!

Daddy told her to do it again. And again, she listened.

He tore through the cupcake and is working over that chocolate ice cream like you wouldn't believe!

One of the funniest 30 seconds I've ever witnessed in my life. LO and her friend in a ticket blaster, desperately trying to catch tickets and stuff them down their shirts. They scored big time at the ticket counter when all was said and done.

Opening presents! A new kid-friendly keyboard and mouse for her, just like the ones at the library she loves so much. Yay!

A lady bug! She loves it!

A cowgirl hat? No way!!

Cheesiest. Grin. Ever.

Showing off her Toy Story puzzle book to Chase!

As she was opening her gifts, another one of their "live shows" started and she was enamored.  It was tough getting her to stay focused on the task at hand!

She loves her new Biscuit book! I picked up one of these early reader books at Barnes & Noble a month or two ago, and she loved it so much that I picked up a collection of 10 Biscuit books in one hardback book. She was so excited and she read one of the stories tonight before bedtime.

Super Why board game! Can't wait to play this with her!

We've been talking about states and maps so I thought it'd be fun to teach her all of the states and their capitals. Should be fun! :)

New clothes! I'm sure she's way more excited than this face lets on...

To top off a perfectly fun evening celebrating our precious little girl, God decided to throw one of the biggest rainbows up in the sky as we were leaving. What a blessing! It was so beautiful and this pic doesn't begin to do it justice. Too cool!!

What a super wonderful weekend it's been! I so love my girl and am so grateful for the 4 years we've had her in our lives and in our hearts. She is an amazing little girl and I cannot tell you how blessed I am to be her mommy!!!

Happy 4th Birthday, LO! I love you bunches!!!

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