Thursday, August 4, 2011

Catch Up

Well hello, blogland! I've been a tad MIA lately and honestly, I have no good excuse for it. I guess I can pull the ol' "it's summer and we're busy enjoying our family time together" excuse, and I'm sure that's true, at least somewhat. In all honesty, I just haven't had an interest in blogging lately. I have no idea where my time goes each day, but I'm fairly certain it isn't spent doing anything overly constructive. Instead, it's filled with stuff like laundry, cooking, cleaning, running errands and the like. You know, typical mom stuff.

So for no other reason than pure laziness, here's a list of stuff to share with my loyal blog readers (I'm sure there's one or two of ya still out there):

• Beach vacay!!! We'll be enjoying a long weekend in Hilton Head, SC for our summer family vacation. The best part? We're planning to meet up with a super sweet family, the DiCarlos! They left their west coast home to get their vacay on over here on the east coast, and I couldn't be more ecstatic to get to see them!! Yay!

• My MacBook hard drive died. Again. I just replaced it 2 months ago when Chase dropped my MacBook onto the floor and killed the last one. For some reason, I must've got a bad drive because it failed after only 2 months. Sucky!! So I got a new one and installed it, along with a RAM upgrade, but my computer wouldn't recognize the hard drive. What the heck?! So I took it to the Apple Store. They said 5-7 days and about $300 for the repair. I got a second opinion at another authorized Apple retailer and was told they'd have it ready the next day, for $60. Imagine which option I chose. I haven't had a chance to check it out yet since I just got it back about an hour ago, but I know it works and I'm so happy to have it back! Yay!!

• Chase is doing AWESOME. He is finally starting to pick up on his speech a bit. I've been working hard on using signs with him and I do think it's helped his speech. He can sign please, thank you, more, milk, cookie and bye. I'm so proud of him!!! But it's important to note that he will only speak or sign IF/WHEN HE FEELS LIKE IT. This boy is STUBBORN!!! It's so frustrating dealing with his temper just by asking him to say "please" before giving him his paci or milk or whatever. I can't express how very angry/upset/frustrated this kid gets when asking him to communicate with us. Someone once told me his speech is like the only thing he really has any control over, and that's why he's so crazy about it. I'd be curious to hear if other heart kiddos have a crazy-mean temper, or if we're the only lucky ones... ;)

• I've applied for a part-time job! I'm kind of excited about the opportunity but haven't heard anything concrete yet. I love the idea of working with people and helping people... especially ADULT people who don't whine or complain as often as my kids. Haha! I'll keep y'all posted as I find out more! :)

• LO is four. FOUR, people. I can't believe it. I watched some videos of her last night from about a year or so ago, and it's ridiculous how much she's changed! I miss my baby girl! But she's turning into quite a smart little preschooler. She's started reading over the past few months and has really taken off! I'm so proud of her!

• Chase will be TWO in just over 2 months. What an amazing blessing and miracle he is!! Not a day (or hour!) goes by that I don't stop to think how blessed we are and to think of those families whose heart heroes have gone home to Heaven. This is such a difficult journey but I am still so blessed and thankful that God chose US to be Chase's parents. What an unbelievable honor!!!

• I am NOT doing well with my weight loss efforts. Case in point? A statement from my daughter this morning: "Mommy, your tummy's getting BIG! Like Aunt D's tummy." Please note her Aunt D is currently 8 months pregnant. Thanks, LO. Guess I need to step up my weight loss regimen...

• I haven't been a very good blog reader/commenter lately. So sorry about that! I promise I've at least been doing some serious lurking so I can stay updated on everyone. So sorry! I'll try to do better!

• I love Big Brother. Anyone else!? Dumbest move ever? Brenden taking Rachel off the block with the POV last night. Duh!!

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  1. LOVE this update! So glad to hear how well Chase is doing!!! And a temper? know the answer to that one. The meltdowns are kinda crazy. Things MUST go his way. Glad to hear Bodie's not the only one. :-) Hear ya on the weight loss efforts - I even gave up soda, thanks to your encouragement, and it did not budge the Can you say BUMMER??? But good to hear from you!