Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Family Vacay

We had a great time in Hilton Head for our family vacation last weekend! I promised some pics, so here ya go!

These first two were taken before we left for vacation and quite honestly, I have no idea what Chase was eating. But these pics are too cute not to share! :)

Handsome boy!

Now before we could leave for vacation, I had to address Chase's crazy hair. It was getting too long in the back and around the ears, so I bought some hair scissors from Amazon and gave it my best shot. This was my first time ever cutting anybody's hair. I found he would sit still and let me work if I kept juice and cheese puffs nearby and a movie playing for entertainment. Here's the before:

And the after! You can see he made good use of those cheese puffs. I'm not super happy with my first cut, but I'm sure I'll do better with more practice.

Now on to the beach!  I'm pretty sure this was Chase's first attempt at walking in sand. We had him walk from the car, over the boardwalk and through the sand in 100 degree heat and he was quite the little champ! I started to feel bad for him as he waded through the sand so after I put the load of stuff I was carrying down at our spot, I went back and carried him the rest of the way. It was so stinkin' hot and his poor little cheeks were so pink!

Someone nearby found a crab, so we let them use our bucket as his temporary home. The kids were taking a look at it and of course Chase wanted to touch it. Daddy stopped him before the crab could get him!

LO having fun on the beach.

BIG ocean. Little girl.

Daddy and Chase heading to the water.

Our little aqua boy loved the ocean!


LO was happy and content playing in the sand. She wasn't too consumed with playing in the water.

This was about as far out as she'd venture into the water.

Silly little boy!

He had the time of his life!

Time to play in the sand!

Probably watching his sister playing a few yards away.

Cutie pie!

I love my little man in a hat! Such a cutie!

As per usual, LO got lost coming back from the water and didn't know where we were. We watched her look around for a bit before finally catching her eye and waiving her over. :)

Mmmmm! Snack time!

My pretty girl!

Where's Chase? PEEK-A-BOO!

Little stud muffin.

Playing in the sand some more!

The sign near the lagoon off our back porch...

I'm pretty sure this is the ONLY picture I got of the kids TOGETHER during our vacation. And of course like a total loser, I didn't get a SINGLE FAMILY PHOTO of all of us together. Lame.

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