Monday, August 8, 2011

Good Night -- Literally!

We just got home yesterday from a long weekend in Hilton Head, SC, and I've got lots of fun stories and pictures to share. But for now, I'm going to leave you with the single most useful, productive and peaceful purchase we've ever made: a $25 portable crib mattress.

Chase has NEVER been a fan of sleeping in the pack n' play, and we've always wondered if it's because he typically only sleeps in it the night before a procedure or surgery while we're in Charleston. He's a smart one, huh? But alas, we started troubleshooting and realized the cardboard "mattress" he'd been sleeping on was, we'll say, somewhat less than comfortable. We had tried piling up towels or extra blankets between said cardboard and the sheet, but it was always lumpy and just made for a miserable night's sleep for him (which, obviously, meant a miserable night's sleep for mommy & daddy, too).

So we bought this crib mattress and WHOA! You would NOT believe the difference it's made! We've used it on two trips so far, including our most recent family vacation to Hilton Head, and this child sleeps AMAZINGLY now! We're talking 12 hour nights of uninterrupted sleep, people! Seriously. Who knew such a cheap investment could make such a HUGE difference in our lives?

So while I will be sure to post some pics n' stuff from our vacation soon, I couldn't let another second go by without all of you parents of little ones out there knowing about this amazing little invention: a 3" thick portable crib mattress for $25 bucks. Seriously. It will change your life!


  1. Ahhhh I need one of these STAT, where did you find it? Olivia's staying with the grandparents for about a week and I'm sure she'd have the same complaints.

  2. It's from Amazon:! :)