Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Soccer Fun

LO had soccer practice again tonight, and this time mommy remembered to bring the good camera! Enjoy!

Such determination!

I just love the way it looks like this little teammate of hers is checking out her mad soccer skills!

Just another day on the soccer field...

Look at her go! She's really getting into this soccer stuff! And she's having fun, too!

Run, LO! Dribble that ball! ((at least I think that's what they call this in soccer))

The team played a scrimmage against each other and they all had to put on these ginormous jerseys. I just love how animated this girl of mine is! Haha!

Finally time to lose those over-sized jerseys!

Whoops! Jerseys back on! Run, LO! Run!

I'm sorry, but I can't help but see an actual soccer player in my daughter's little 4-year-old body. She just looks like she knows what she's doing out there!

Of course this handsome little fella had to get into the soccer action... Love him so!

Cutie pie!

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