Thursday, March 8, 2012

700th Post!!!

Howdy, folks! I am BEYOND thrilled to share with you that yesterday, my post regarding the arrival of my precious, beautiful new GE Cafe' dual-fuel range, was in fact my 700th POST on this blog!

What the what-what??

Seriously! How crazy is that!? If you would've asked me almost 4 years ago when I was complaining about a waaaaay undercooked steak that this little online outlet o' mine would see it's 700th post, I would've called you crazy! And yet, here we are!

For the record, this is about how big LO was when I started this blog:

She was actually just under a year old when I started. The pic above is from her 1st birthday party, which was about a month or so after I wrote my first post here on Just Another Day...

And here's my big, almost-5-year-old girl at a play date with one of her friends from school last week:

And, of course, we have also added this little miracle munchkin to the family since the blog's inception:

And let's not forget our newest addition, which will be official in just 11 short days:

What a journey it's been over these past 4 years! Thanks to all of you who hung in there with me, laughed with me through the highs and encouraged me through the lows. You readers rock! Both of you! ;)


  1. Yay! Have you had your blog put into book form yet? I did my first year so far but still have two to go. I love having the hard copy!