Friday, March 2, 2012

Yay, March!

Yay for March! We're moving this month! Woot!!!

Not much exciting to report though. Kind of like I'm sitting still watching paint dry. I guess figuratively that's about right, though. Touch up painting is about all that's left for the crew to do to the new house. Well, and install the correct appliances, which should be done on Monday.

Everything else at the house is pretty much DONE! Now the sitting and waiting begins. HAHA! As if there is any sitting going on right now. I'm in high-gear packing mode now, and our house is finally starting to look like we're preparing for a move. All of the packed boxes are being placed in the garage and the house is slowly getting sparse. I'm loving this opportunity to go through our things to donate items we don't use anymore and throw out old, broken junk that somehow managed to accumulate over the years.

I'm still trying to finalize window treatments for the new house. Blinds only? Maybe some Roman shades? Ugh. I love the look of Roman shades but I've never owned or operated one, and I'm worried about whether or not they'd stand up to the wear and tear of use. For instance, I think I'd love to put them in the morning room where we have 3 windows side-by-side, but I know I'm going to want to let a lot of that natural light in fairly often, and I don't know how well a Roman shade would handle that versus just tilting the slats on some blinds. I'm pretty sure I'll do these 2" Faux Wood Privacy Blinds throughout the majority of the house, but probably these 1" Faux Wood Blinds on the french doors in the morning room. You truly can't beat a deal that includes Buy 3 Get 1 Free PLUS 30% off the entire order AND free shipping.

Like I said, nothing too exciting to report here. Just trying to get all my lists organized, the boxes packed and somehow keep the kids entertained while I'm at it. I'm glad the weekend is here, because I'm really looking forward to enjoying it now that I'm FINALLY over the strep and other viruses that have plagued me for almost an entire month! Apparently the third antibiotic was the charm and I'm so back to myself again -- it's great! Tonight hubs and I have a super-awesome date night planned, complete with dinner for two downtown and a play at our local theatre! I've got to work Saturday but only until 4pm, so I'll have the evening free to spend with my family. Then Sunday we've got hubs' parents and sister, BIL and the cutest niece EVER coming to our (wreck of a) house to celebrate my FIL's birthday. LO wrapped his present tonight (omg -- the Type A obsessive in me about DIED but I wanted to let HER do it all by herself... so wow.) and put it with the card she had made for him a few days ago. I'm so looking forward to it!

Next week it'll be time to buckle down and get serious about this move. Only 2 weeks and 3 days left!

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