Monday, May 21, 2012

Backsplash Update

Good Monday morning! I hope everyone had a lovely, restful weekend! I wish I could say that we did, but we were busy working on our backsplash!!! WOOT!

We got a late start on Saturday (can you say 2PM!?) due to morning obligations, and it was a VERY slow start (had to make sure everything was perfect, of course!). But once we got into a rhythm (hubs cutting tiles and me installing them), things started to move along pretty quickly. We worked for about 4 hours, then took the kids out for dinner (since my kitchen was in shambles).

Sunday morning we went to church, where LO performed in her first-ever children's musical. The kids led worship and then did a few songs on their own. How cute is she??

After lunch we let the kids play outside for a bit. Don't ya love hubs' homemade water park? The kids sure did!

Once nap time rolled around, it was time to get back to work! We resumed our teamwork approach of hubs cutting tiles and me installing them. Things seemed to move a bit slower Sunday afternoon -- possibly due to the fact that we were working with smaller sections of tiles (and it didn't help that I broke one, too!). We took a quick dinner break with the kids and didn't finish up with the tiling until after dark. We were able to get all of the tile installed, with the exception of the quarter round pieces to finish up the edges.

I'm really loving the look of our backsplash, but I'm gonna wait until I can do a complete "Before/After" post to show you the finished product. We still have to install the quarter round, grout the tile (hopefully today), and caulk the countertop and under cabinet seams and reinstall the outlet plates before we can call it done. I can't wait to share the big reveal with you guys once my beautiful backsplash is complete!!! :)


  1. patiently WAITING!!!!!

    Aunt Jo

  2. LO was awesome in the musical. I just chuckled one time when she looked over at you and made the funniest face. Of course, I was getting over the shock that she was old enough to be in the kids musicals now!