Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cardiology Appointment

I am so very blessed to share that this sweet boy of mine had a GREAT cardiology appointment today!

He handled his saturation check, four-limb pressures and echo like a champ!!

The best part is that we're not due back for another SIX MONTHS!!!

Yay, Chase!!!

He was right at 30 lbs. and his surgeon wants him at 33 lbs. for his final scheduled surgery, the Fontan, so we're looking at 2013 at the earliest! Unless things change, of course, and we know with super awesome heart kiddos that is always a possibility. But for now, I will continue to be so overwhelmingly grateful for the great report and continue to love the crap out of this kid! He is beyond amazing and I am unimaginably blessed to be his mama!!!

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