Friday, May 18, 2012

Closing Time!

It's closing time! We're closing on our old house today. It's hard to believe in this market that we were able to get an offer about 2 weeks after we listed our home, which we accepted. Once all the inspections were done and the (thankfully) minimal fixes were completed, the big day was scheduled... and the big day is HERE!

I'm so grateful we were able to sell so quickly. And rightfully so! Our old home was in immaculate condition. My husband is so OCD about stuff there's just no way he would've let anything in that house fall apart. ;) The new owner of our home has a wonderful place that I'm sure will be so very special to her! It saw me through singlehood, marriage and the birth of two children... we've got a lot of memories there and it's definitely sentimental to officially let go of it for good.

As such, I took the kids by there yesterday to get some final pictures of the house. Here are a few from our iPhone photo shoot. ;)

The tiny little deck that hubs built.

My big kids!

Hug like you mean it!

Don't hurt your brother! LOL!

Goodbye, sweet home.
On a totally related note, is it weird that I've left a card and housewarming gift inside the house for the new owner? I'm thinking it's not weird, but I did get some funny looks from hubs when I explained what I was doing. I know at the end of the day it's just a financial transaction, but I can't help but attach some emotion to it, too.


  1. So glad that your house sold so quickly, and closed today too!!!
    Now the backsplash and your dream home is complete(?).
    started to remodel our kitchen on Tuesday and it is not going smoothly....I do get to eat out alot!!!

    Aunt Jo

  2. I think the card and housewarming gift was an awesome idea, it shows that the house was special to you, had actually been your home, and is what you wish it to be for the next owners. It would be so cool for all sellers to do the same.
    As you can tell, I am playing catchup on your blog. Now, I am off to try to get a den ready to paint!