Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Quarantine: Day 2

Well, Day 2 in the bubble didn't go as I had planned. I ended up with what was either a stomach bug or food poisoning, but either way, I was not in any shape to care for my boys, so hubs ended up coming home from work to take over. I needed to be especially conservative around Chase and limit my exposure to him just in case it was a bug of some sort. I spent most of my day in bed while hubs entertained the boys. I think it's safe to say Chase played his fair share of Wii U today. ;)

Speaking of Chase, hubs and I were talking last night that he seems to be getting tired more quickly and more frequently than before. You know how a 4-year-old that's way overdue for a nap would behave? Yes, that's been Chase lately by 6:30pm or 7:00pm, even after a good 2-hour nap. He's been much more grouchy and moody than we've seen in the past. And he definitely is getting winded quicker than before. It's a big effort for him just to go upstairs to his room now. And he starts breathing heavy when walking across the street to our neighborhood playground. Thankfully his oxygen saturation hasn't decreased (he's still in the low to mid 80s), but we know that it is most definitely time for him to have this third surgery, the Fontan.

We have to discontinue his nightly aspirin 2 weeks prior to his surgery, and I can't decide if I'm happy or needing to vomit now that we have almost hit the 2 week mark. I've said it before, I definitely want to get this behind us and have a healthier, pinker, post-Fontan 4-year-old. But ohmygoodness is my mommy self so very afraid of what it's going to be like this time -- handing over our son for his 3rd heart surgery after we've been privileged to know and love him and raise him for almost 5 years. I'm human, and therefore I'm fearful of the "what-ifs" an operation like this brings. But I'm so thankful for the promise my Lord has given me in my heart. I'm grateful that He has a plan that is much better than anything I could come up with myself. And while I will still be afraid, my trust is in Him and I can rest in that.

Sorry I don't have any pics or fun anecdotes from our day today... But there's always tomorrow!

As always, thank you all for your thoughts and prayers along this journey. We are so grateful for each of you who care enough to read along and lift us up in prayer during this time! God bless you!

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