Friday, April 25, 2014

Quarantine: Day 4

Well, wouldn't ya know it? Brain dumping the poo-poo platter of my life on the blog yesterday was somewhat refreshing and liberating! I've felt a sense of relief as if I was finally able to let all of that junk just "go" (Frozen reference not intended) and start moving forward with refocused priorities and an action plan for my next steps to get my sweet boy through surgery.

Chase and I enjoyed playing some games on the computer together while LO was at school and E was napping. It was wonderful to spend time with him rather than run around working on my To Do list.

LO had her last soccer practice last night ((insert collective sigh of relief here)) with her last game coming up this Saturday. Yes, she dresses herself and obviously decided to do her hair herself as well.

The boys and I had a blast watching her from the temperature-controlled comfort of the car.

And this is super random, but in the process of locating mine and hubs' bachelors degrees for our bout of homeschooling next month, some priceless gems from my childhood were discovered. I couldn't help but find the irony in a pic of my at 2 years old playing with a Fisher-Price Children's Hospital of all things.

So on to Day 5 we go!

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