Monday, April 28, 2014

Quarantine: Day 8

Well our first week of Fontan quarantine is over, and I'm happy to report we survived! Seriously though, I'm thankful we've all made it through the week without any signs or symptoms of illness. I cannot express how incredibly important it is that all of us -- but most specifically Chase -- stay healthy in the days leading up to his surgery. Thank you, Lord, for your hand of protection and wellness on my family!

Today had to have been the best start of just about any day ever. Of course I had to drag myself out of bed long enough to do LO's hair before school and slather her with hugs and kisses and well-wishes on her last Monday of 1st grade (at her current school), but it didn't take long before I was back in my nice, warm bed feeding E while Chase watched a movie downstairs. That sweet baby of mine nursed/slept for a good hour and a half, and followed that up by falling asleep cuddled up next to me. He didn't wake up until after 10:00 AM, so I essentially got to sleep in and it was wonderful! Seriously, is there anything better than a morning nap snuggled next to this?

Hubs is working from home this week (again, to limit exposure to germs) so he was working away while Chase entertained himself with movies and some Wii U. Such a great, lazy morning!

After a late breakfast, we played for a bit and then I hit my sewing room to finish a few of my current hospital gown projects. I'm happy to report I now have 3 hospital gowns finished for Chase (don't mind the flower print hanging in the background... that's a dress in progress for LO)! I have 2 more gowns to make, which is good since I'm finding myself in a sort of "holding pattern" right now. I've got my lists of things to do, things to pack, etc., but I can't really start the process of packing until we get closer to our departure date. So for now, I guess it's just family fun and not much else!

Hubs worked in the yard this afternoon to even out the new sod we had put in over the weekend (the rest of which we hope will be here tomorrow) while LO and Chase played in the sprinkler. I tried to take some pics of them from my upstairs window, but they were horrible. My bad!

After dinner, we loaded up the kids in the car for a change of scenery and ventured out of the house. Destination? One of my favorite places EVER:

I enjoyed an amazing 45 minutes of "me" time while hubs stayed in the car with the kids, watching a movie. It was glorious!!!!! And to top off the night? A quick run through a nearby drive-thru, also one of my FAVES:

I don't care if I'm 8 or 88, pink bubblegum ice cream from Baskin-Robbins will ALWAYS be my favorite! True story!

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  1. You are doing a great job keeping Chase entertained. I am so glad everyone has stayed heakthy this week. The hospital gowns...just awesome. I remember reading on your blog when you were first attempting to sew. You have come a long way!