Monday, November 30, 2015

All Settled In!

It's been a quiet afternoon here at MUSC. I was able to hold Chase in the Same Day area while we waited for his step-down room on 8D to be ready, and he fell asleep in my arms. Talk about a flashback to our many previous stays here! It was too sweet!

After his brief nap, it was time to head up to his room for the night! Usually this guy gets a bed transport, but I guess now that he's SIX, he's big enough for a wheelchair ride upstairs. My, how he's grown!! Notice how thrilled he was... ;)

Once settled on 8D, he got to work playing more of his Nintendo 2DS, and eventually even ate some dinner! He's definitely getting to be more like himself the longer we're here.

After dinner it was time to chat with the kiddos at home! A fun FaceTime later, and it was back to more video games. :)

He's all settled in for the night. Hubs and I have the joy of staying here with him, which means we get to fight over the uncomfortable couch or the uncomfortable chair for the night! Not sure who will actually be the winner in this fight! Haha!

Thanks again for your prayers for Chase! We're hopeful for a restful night (at least for Chase!), a clear chest X-ray in the morning, and a quick discharge to get us on our way home! 

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  1. So happy to hear things are going so well! Hopefully you are all sleeping nice and comfy right now!