Monday, May 25, 2020

The One with the Laundry Room Reno: Part 3

Welcome to the third and final (and lengthiest!) part of my laundry room renovation! This is the fun post where I share all the little details that made the room come together so well! Be sure to catch Part 1 and Part 2 if you haven't already. 😉

Where to begin?

I started with a Pinterest board for my laundry room reno, which you can see below. This was where all of my ideas came together to create the overall vibe and aesthetic for the laundry room.

The pin that was my main inspiration was this one from farmhousejourney on Instagram, with a few modifications to personalize it to my preferences:

For starters, we painted the walls Repose Gray. This is the same color as the rest of the house (with the exception of the bathrooms and bedrooms).

We purchased two 15" x 30" cabinets from Lowe's to hang in the corners above the washer and dryer. I wanted concealed storage to help make everything look clean and uncluttered.

I painted the cabinets Icing on the Cake by Benjamin Moore. I wanted a super light turquoise that wouldn't fight against the gray walls. The room would need a tiny bit of color, and I think this was exactly what it needed! I was a bit nervous buying paint based solely on the color displayed on my computer screen, but since I refuse to go out shopping, I just kept my fingers crossed that this would work. And it did! YAY!

I wanted an accent wall behind the washer and dryer, so I went with this peel and stick one from Lowe's. It was a breeze to install and looks great!

The cheap-o contractor-grade light fixture was also on my list to replace. See how awful it was before? And how much better it looked after?

I absolutely loved the industrial matte black fixture from Lowe's, and it was perfect for the room. It really brightened everything up quite nicely and fit the overall vibe I was going for.

As you may have discovered in Part 2 of my laundry room reno, I selected Whirlpool's smart capable 5.3 cu. ft. high efficiency top-load washer and Whirlpool's smart capable 8.8 cu. ft. steam cycle electric dryer, both in chrome shadow. There are TWO main reasons I chose these beauties:

  1. Smart Capable. In other words, I now have an app on my iPhone that allows me to control my appliances. I love technology, and it was a no-brainer that I'd want this functionality in my new washer and dryer. I get notifications when both finish their cycles, I can restart the dryer with a quick tap, and even assign tasks (via automated text messages) to request hubs or LO move or fold the load. It's brilliant and my life will never be the same!
  2. Load and Go Dispenser. Because I'm SUPER LAZY EFFICIENT, I wanted my washer to be efficient, too. This incredible dispenser allows me to add enough detergent for 20 loads of laundry at one time, and it automatically dispenses the correct amount for each load. MAJOR WIN!
The boys are fascinated by the newest additions to the family! They love that they can watch the washer through the window on top.

And of course there's a window to watch the dryer... AND A LIGHT! How fun is that?

Now for my MOST FAVORITE FEATURES in the laundry room (minus the incredible new appliances, of course): NEW SHELVES!

First up? This custom shelf and hanging rack!

I was So.Very.Tired. of the awful white plastic-coated wire shelves in the laundry room. They were ugly, difficult to clean, and things were constantly falling through them. The height wasn't my favorite, either.

To go with the industrial vibe of my reno, hubs and I bought 2" x 12" by 12' boards. We planned to put one on the wall with the hanging rack, and one over the washer and dryer.

I stained the boards with Minwax oil-based stain in Aged Barrel.

Then I bought a zillion pieces of galvanized pipe fittings, flanges, elbows, and more to create a hanging rack attached 

I didn't like the galvanized finish of the pipes, and wanted the hanging rack to match the appliances as much as possible. So I picked up Rust-Oleum Flat Metallic spray paint in Antique Nickel and painted all of the pieces before assembling them and attaching them to the wall and shelf.

We wanted the shelf about 12" from the ceiling, and the pipe was about 4" below then shelf. I absolutely LOVE this shelf and the ton of space the rack provides for our hanging clothes!

I love how it matches my second favorite shelf -- the one above the washer and dryer!

My final favorite shelf is the awesome drop-down shelf! If you remember from my "before" pics, we used to have a shelf for folding clothes attached to the wall with chains. It could fold up and out of the way when needed. It was functional, but not the prettiest thing ever.


We knew we'd still need space to fold all.the.clothes. when the reno was complete, but we knew there had to be a better way! Hubs found these awesome folding shelf brackets on Amazon, and they were the perfect solution!

I used the same shelf as before, but decided to cover it with the peel and stick wallpaper I used on the accent wall behind the washer and dryer. I think it looks super cute and love that it stores out of the way when not needed.

See how perfectly it shows up when needed? I just love it so much!

Here are a few links to some of the other fun finds from my new laundry room!

Tabletop Clock

Runner Rug

Lamb's Ear Wreath

Laundry Co. Metal Sign

Bamboo Plant

Rectangle Serving Tray (to store all the fun pocket finds during laundry day) 😉
You couldn't see this one in any of the pics, but I bought this magnetic lint bin and attached it on the right side of the dryer for quick and easy disposal of lint!

Endless Love and Laundry Sign (I stained the frame to match the shelves)

WHEW! This was a crazy-long post! Kudos to those of you who made it this far! I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my beautiful new laundry room!

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