Thursday, June 4, 2020

The One with Cinco's Baby Shower

Y'all! My beautiful daughter took it upon herself to schedule, plan, and throw a baby shower for her littlest brother! My heart is so full!

Due to our strict quarantine, we knew the baby shower could only include the six of us. As much as I've longed to celebrate Cinco with our extended family and friends, that just wasn't an option. This is one of many things the COVID-19 pandemic has taken from this experience of being pregnant for the final time. But we are oh so very blessed to be healthy and have each other to love on during this season!

We picked June 3rd as the date and LO got to work! She picked out the color scheme and decorations, planned and prepared the food, made the cake--complete with homemade buttercream and homemade marshmallow fondant!-- and even planned games as well!

Here's a pic of my beauty with her incredible (and delicious!) cake creation.

She made a white cake with homemade buttercream using one of our favorite recipes, then whipped up marshmallow fondant (SOOOOOO GOOD!) to cover the cake. She also made adorable baby booties accented with gold on top! She was so proud of her creation and she worked so hard on it--with ZERO help from me! It really was delicious! I may or may not have just eaten a second slice before writing this post. 😉

She put up a few balloons and fun decorations around the house.

LO and Daddy also grabbed a few beautiful flowers from the front yard. And another pic of that beautiful, delicious cake!

Check out all of the yummy food LO made!

It wouldn't be a meal in our home without Hawaiian Rolls. YUM.

LO also made chocolate-dipped pretzels and strawberries.

No meal planned by one of my kids would be complete without Cheetos!

Such a great meal! And delicious party punch, too!

Let's eat!


E had a big ol' mouthful of food but I took his pic anyway. 

This guy ate a ton of food... including about half a can of Pringles!

After dinner, our party planner extraordinairre needed a few minutes of downtime to relax. She admitted to me that she had no idea how much work went into planning a party! Bless.

Oh! I can't forget this cute little four-legged party guest! Sweet Lucy!

The kids and I enjoyed some fun snaps before playing charades.

Cake time! This cake was really SO delicious, y'all! And the best part? LO enjoyed making it, and even offered to make Chase's next birthday cake! I may have less baking in my future, which I am willing to embrace because, well, #FIVEKIDS! 😜

We had such a great time together celebrating Cinco! Here's to 36 weeks down... and only 3 more weeks to go until we meet our sweet boy!

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