Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cookie Craving

People. I am just not feeling like my awesome self today. I don't know what it is (NO, I'm not pregnant--it's not fiscal 2009 yet!!). I'm just tired and in what would normally be the "chicken soup and sprite" state.

But no.

I'm not craving chicken soup and sprite. I'm craving cookies. That's right! Cookies. And not just any cookie. One of MY cookies. I have a killer chocolate chip cookie recipe, if I may say so myself! And apparently that's all I feel like eating.

My wonderful sweet hubs offered to run to Bi-Lo to pick me up some cookies.

I think not.

He then offered to make me some cookies.

I SO think not. Definitely appreciated his willingness to help a girl out, but really.

I somehow managed to drag my lazy self off the couch where I was resting comfortably watching Big Brother 10 (can I get a holla' from the other BB fans out there?!) and make my way into the kitchen. I've got my recipe memorized (I could literally do it with my eyes closed I've made these cookies so much!) so it really was like switching on "Auto Pilot" for a few minutes (during commercial breaks, of course).

But then my lovely yummies came out of the oven, and I almost couldn't wait to dig in.

Don't they look delish? It's literally taken years for me to perfect my recipe. You'll notice I bake them on my Pampered Chef stone--that's what I've found works the best. I take them out of the oven when they are lightly browned but still look a bit gooey because they finish baking on the stone. And I'm a fan of soft, chewy cookies--not crunchy brick-like cookies. See the perfectness of the thickness telling you how not crunchy they'll be? Mmmm... (not sure why I'm turning this into a "Cookie How-To" post, but stay with me here).

Now, these cookies are just not complete until they meet with their faithful partner:

That's right! A delicious, frosty class of 1% milk! Yum! And if you look closely, you can see an ever-so-gentle frost upon the milk glass. Ya, I placed the glass in the freezer when the cookies went in the oven so it would be nicely chilled when I was ready to satisfy my strange craving.

And of course, I was thinking about hubs--even though this was my craving AND I happen to not be feeling so great--and made sure there would be a nice stash in the fridge of his favorite part of my cookie-making:

(Please pardon the slight product placement for Elmo's fruit juice boxes... although they are LO's favorite).


  1. I could eat cookies every day and NEVER get sick of them. Ever. I hope you feel better!

  2. You know what I did when I read this? I ran straight to the lobby and asked for fresh chololate chip cookie. "Oh, the kitchen's closed" was her reply. When I told her what you had done (this post, pics and all) she said, "Well! We can't have that now, can we?!" Off to the kitchen we went where she promptly presented a pan of cookies for my taking. And they were still warm!

  3. Oh man peole have been posting about Chocolate Cookies all week and I really really want some!

  4. great. now i want a cookie. :P