Monday, July 14, 2008


  • I ordered my new LG Chocolate 3 cell phone and it's supposed to arrive Tuesday! I can't wait to scope it out. I got the pretty light blue one. :)
  • I have a cold sore. I hate cold sores. I always get one a year, sometimes two. Hubs is apparently immune to them. It's not fair.
  • My sister has a Facebook page! I don't even have a Facebook page! You have to understand that this sister of mine has four kids under 12, works full-time, does a minimum of 13 loads of laundry each week, taxis kids to baseball practices, games, tournaments almost daily, teaches a Sunday School class of teenage boys, and so much more!! I never would've thought she'd have the time to create a Facebook page, but it's also funny to me because she's not the most "techie" person ever. So cool!!!
  • I know you're tired of hearing about it, but I'm quite pleased to announce that my wall gallery is finally (almost) finished!! All of the frames are hung and all of the pictures are in the right frames--with the only exception of the 11x14 family photo that hasn't been taken yet...
  • ...We're supposed to get family pics taken Tuesday along with lots of one-year-old pics of LO. Please see earlier comment pertaining to my loser cold sore. Must reschedule pics. (boo)
  • I also ordered hubs a new phone. We narrowed it down to two: one was a free LG flip phone, the other was a sweet Motorola flip that looked much like a Razr for $20. Guess what hubs chose? Ya, the free one. He's literally "upgrading" from an LG VX5100 to an LG VX5400. Did I mention he's not a "techie" person, either?
  • I'm planning to redo our guest bathroom. As if I don't have enough on my plate keeping me busy (hello, planning baby's first birthday party!). I originally painted it forever ago when I bought my house (before hubs and I met). I wanted a nice color that softly whispered, "puuuurrrplle" as you walk in. Unfortunately, the color I chose, "Purpling," pretty much slaps you upside the head when you walk in and screams "PURPLE!!!" in your face. Not really what I had in mind, but I went with it, mostly probably because I didn't want to pay for more paint nor get all up around that toilet to paint the walls a second time. Anywho, this time I want to go with a neutral shade, the same one we happen to have in our living room. It's called "Cream in My Coffee" so you can imagine it's just a nice off-whitey type color. I'm debating about accenting the bathroom with a "kiddie" theme or something more fancy for guests. Considering we have on average 2.49 guests per year, I'm leaning towards "kiddie."
  • SUCKS!!! As if you don't already know the "joy" I've experienced with this company, you'll likely get a kick out of this: I received my order today. Three weeks after I placed it. One Better Business Bureau compliant and one Financial Institution dispute later, LO's faux diamond earrings arrive in a lovely padded envelope. The kicker? The earrings posts were completely bent and flat! Classy. So even if I wanted to keep them (which I don't), I'd have to do some minor jewelry repair work (which I'm not at all qualified to do), and most likely the faux diamonds would snap off of the posts long before they found their way into LO's ears. Sigh.
  • I've established a shopping ban on myself. I've been shopping like crazy lately! With LO's impending 1st birthday, we've been buying gifts, plus her new car seat, plus other stuff. And I've been addicted to Gap and J.Crew clothing. My credit cards say so. Of course I'm forced by hubs smart enough to pay off the balance each month to avoid finance charges, so it's not a big deal. But that money has to come from somewhere, right? Ugh. We're heading to Wisconsin in September for a wedding so we've got to plan and prepare for those expenditures . I just love paying $12/gallon for gas these days! ((evil oil company CEO billionaires with their 27 mansions, 16 yachts, 13 airplanes and 4 personal submarines!))
  • What's up with Brett Favre? I've been a long-time fan of his (not really the Packers so much as Brett himself). If the man wants to play some ball, let him play! Sheesh.
  • I need to stop watching "Bringing Home Baby" on TLC. That, combined with LO turning one, appears to make me want to start thinking about baby #2. Hubs and I already agreed we'd wait. I think fiscal 2009 was our final decision. Seems far away though.
  • I started getting Women's Day magazine a week or so ago. I have no idea why. I don't remember signing up for it. Or paying for it. But they keep coming. For no reason. Wonder if I should look into it.
  • Okay, I totally almost flipped out Sunday morning. Hubs and I were on "nursery duty" during the worship service at our (mostly) awesome church! I played on the floor with LO and another little girl a few months younger. We had the bin of toys out that these kids get to play with each Sunday. You would not believe the crusty, dirty, nastiness of these toys. I think I threw up in my mouth when I looked in the little hole on the bottom of the squeaky duck toy. Needless to say, I quickly "volunteered" to take the bin for a few days to "replace some batteries" (read: get out my handy Clorox bleach and disinfect the crap (probably somewhat literally) out of those toys! For heaven's sake! Eeew!
  • I love my husband. He's so awesome it's ridiculous. He and LO are the biggest blessings in my life and I am SO grateful to be sharing this life with them. God is good!


  1. Brett is really bugging me lately.

    And I don't even know when a fiscal year begins or anything, but it seems close to me! :)

  2. Cute post. And I agree with Julia, when does a fiscal year begin? Hope there will be another LO for you soon!

  3. I don't even have kids and I disinfect the Nursery toys every so often b/c they're just nasty!