Thursday, July 17, 2008

Say, "Frosting!"

We have an appointment for LO's 1-year-old pics on Friday. I'm really looking forward to it (although I just realized I have no idea what she's going to wear)! She'll get to have some pics taken in two different outfits, plus I figure while we're there, we'll go ahead and get our very first professional family photo taken, too! Well, technically, we did have a professional family pic taken about 3 months before LO was born, but you definitely can't see her in those (you can see a LOT of me, though!).

So at the end of our photo shoot, we're gonna put a little cake in front of LO and let her go at it so we can get some great pictures of it! I had intended to wait until her birthday party for her first cake/frosting experience, but I just think it would be awesomer to have some professional ones of this big first. I took a few minutes (literally) this afternoon and made LO's very first birthday cake! I admit this is NOT at ALL my best work... but for the purpose in which it will be used (i.e. smeared all over her face and clothing), I think it'll do just fine!

I can't wait to see how these come out. The coolest thing about going to Portrait Innovations is that they always take GREAT pictures, they are VERY affordable, if you pick a big enough print package, they'll throw in a CD with ALL of the images (I think they take about 66 photos per session!) AND the best part... the pictures are printed and ready for you to take with you in about 15 minutes! It's awesome!!!

I'll let you all know how it goes. Here's hoping LO's stays on her normal schedule and has a wonderful morning nap so she'll be all smiles!!

I still can't believe she's almost ONE!!!

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  1. If that's not your best work, then what is? B/c that cake looks amazing!