Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Baby Josiah

When hubs and I went to MUSC last week for my first appointment, we had the privilege of meeting Erin and Milo Wilson, the parents of lovely Daylia and Hazyl and sweet baby Josiah. Josiah was born May 20th at MUSC with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS), the same heart defect Chase was diagnosed with at 20 weeks. Josiah has had a rough journey, his diagnosis more complex than Chase's since he was born with an intact atrial septum. It's been a difficult road for this little guy, but his wonderful parents and the amazing staff at MUSC have been with him every step of the way!

Erin and Milo were informed a few weeks ago that little Josiah would need to stay at MUSC through his second HLHS heart surgery, usually performed around 6 months. Can you imagine balancing some form of a family life with two precious girls and a baby in the hospital while temporarily living in a city that is not your hometown? It's overwhelming to me just to think about it, but Erin and Milo are leaning on the Lord during this time and He is getting them through it!

On Friday, Josiah had a heart cath to determine his readiness for the second HLHS surgery. The results indicated he's not ready for the second surgery, rather, he'll need another open-heart surgery to repair his left pulmonary artery. This surgery has been scheduled for tomorrow.

Please keep sweet Josiah in your prayers, especially tomorrow as he undergoes another open-heart surgery. This little guy is so precious, and his parents are without a doubt two of the nicest people on the planet! They have a real love and passion for serving the Lord and my hope and prayer is that God will heal this beautiful baby boy!

For more information on baby Josiah, check out his blog here. And please keep him in your prayers tomorrow!

Isn't he a cutie??

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  1. I hope Josiah has a smooth surgery and fast healing process. Adorable!