Thursday, September 17, 2009

Your Help is Needed!

For those of you who read "The Wilson Heart" blog about baby Josiah, you may already know about this. Josiah's mom, Erin, is collecting donations to purchase a centrifuge for the PCICU at MUSC. Why, you ask?? Because sweet Josiah, who was born with HLHS at MUSC in May, cannot tolerate the normal amount of fat that is present in breastmilk. A nurse came up with the idea to use a centrifuge to separate the fat from the milk, essentially giving Josiah "skim" breastmilk. The wonderful news is that it's working great and he's putting on weight while getting all of then added nutrients and benefits of breastmilk.

The PCICU doesn't own a centrifuge, but they've decided this practice will definitely benefit babies in Josiah's position. Unfortunately they don't have money in the budget to purchase one, which is where these donations come in.

If you feel led to donate to this cause, CLICK HERE to visit Erin's blog and read more about this initiative. It will benefit so many babies -- perhaps even Chase! Thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity!

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