Monday, September 21, 2009

Bullet Points

I'm not feeling overly creative today, so I'm going with a few simple bullet points:
  • Things have been pretty quiet in our household lately. The past few weeks have been focused on getting miscellaneous things done around the house, compiling lists for what needs to happen between now and Chase's birth, etc. There's a lot of preparation to be done, but it seems like a lot of it has to wait until closer to the big day. It's slightly overwhelming to think of what needs to happen between now and then, but I'm trying to stay focused and keep myself organized.
  • It's flu season. I understand this. But I was less than pleased when I got a call a few minutes ago from the Perinatologist's office reminding me about my appointment tomorrow at 10AM. Hubs and I were planning to go together, as we always have, bringing LO with us since we have no one to keep her that day. Well, this phone call informed me that they are not allowing any children in their office due to flu season. Ya. Less than 24 hours notice from my scheduled appointment time. I guess I understand their reasoning, but I was less than pleased to get this information the day before my appointment. So now, hubs will have to take LO to McDonald's or something while I go to the appointment SOLO. I'm not too happy about it. We've been waiting for this appointment for almost 2 weeks so we can see if Chase's abdomen growth has increased and I'd prefer to have my better half there with me when this is determined. Ugh.
  • Totally unrelated, but I'm totally loving my ability to post to my blog from my iPhone. It's sweet. As you've probably noticed, I can upload pics, video -- whatever I want -- from wherever I am. This is exactly what we wanted for while we're in Charleston so I can easily provide updates to friends and family on how things are going with us. I am a bit worried I've taken my mobile blogging a bit too far... so many recent posts of pics and videos... Y'all let me know if it gets to be too much. :)
  • Yesterday I found a blog for a fellow HLHS baby girl from Charleston, Maia Deeb, and her story has been such an encouragement and inspiration to me. From what I read, it seems her diagnosis was a very "standard" HLHS case, which we are expecting the same for Chase. Maia was born on July 26, 2009. Since Dr. Bradley (the acclaimed Pediatric Cardiothoracic surgeon at MUSC) was on vacation at the time, they waited 10 days for his return so he could do her surgery on August 5th. The surgery went very well, although her heart had a few challenges adjusting to the changes. However, she recovered well and was able to step down to 7C (in other words, move out of the PCICU) on August 16th! That was only 11 days after her surgery!! Amazing! As if that weren't fantastic enough, this sweet family was headed home with their newborn baby girl on August 21st -- less than a month after she was born! I am very encouraged by this family's HLHS journey because it proves to me that it IS possible for things to go smoothly and for God to bring us through this difficult time without the "worst case scenario" mindset that I've been struggling with for the past several weeks. I'm having a tough time walking the line between "optimistic" and "realistic" in the sense that I want to expect the best, but then in order to not be blindsided by setbacks, I feel like I should prepare for the worst. It's a difficult balance to find, and I'm certain I haven't found it as of yet. All I can do is continue to pray for our sweet boy, for God's healing touch, for guidance and wisdom along the way, and for Him to give us the strength that we need to get through each day. I know He is in control and I am doing my best to rest comfortably in His loving arms during such a tumultuous time.
  • I've been debating about getting Chase's nursery ready. Honestly, even after we get home with him, he'll probably sleep in the Pack n' Play in our bedroom for a few months, so I know we'll have plenty of time to get his room ready after we get home. You can imagine the main negative reason I'm not wanting to have his nursery ready for us to come home to, but I'm trying to stay positive so I won't dwell on this thought. I guess the bottom line is there will be plenty of time to put his nursery together when we return from Charleston, and quite frankly, I'll have a LOT more joy and excitement in putting it together when my darling son is here at home with me than I would now with all of the uncertainties in the air.
  • We still haven't received a "Welcome Packet" from MUSC. Hubs is adamant one exists. You know, a packet of information on MUSC, maps of the hospital, FAQs, billing information, where to park, what to expect, etc. Granted, there is a LOT of this information available on MUSC's website, which is nice, but I think hubs is hoping for something more. We'll keep keeping an eye out for it, but I'm not holding my breath. :)
  • I got a pedicure yesterday. It was nice. I'll definitely get another one before delivery day. Still thinking I ought to schedule another prenatal massage, too...
  • Guess that's it for now. What a bunch of rambling, huh?


  1. Girl, I would be glad to watch LO tomorrow while you BOTH go to your appt!! My girls have a chest cold that may or not still be contagious so you may not want to leave her here, but you can always call me!! And, I have Chase's shower gift sitting on my dining room table, I need to get that to you, too. Sorry I missed your shower!!! I hope it was great!!

  2. hey! we're keeping up with you guys during this time. i was so anxious right before emma kate was born... i can understand how you're feeling. please let us know if we can do anything. we're praying for yall!

  3. I have taken an interest in the HLHS info and the blogs. It is amazing what they can do with these babies and the doctors at MUSC seem awesome! I can understand wanting to be realistic, but I think optimistic is allowed. I would be the same way.
    I'm still amazed at how many of these babies are born in S.C.
    I've now read Josiah, Taggert, Samson (who is really encouraging) and Addi. Guess I can read another new one tomorrow!