Thursday, October 22, 2009

Alone Time

It's Thursday... FOUR DAYS until Chase's arrival! Today we had the opportunity to meet with Melissa, the head of CrossBridge Family Ministries, a local ministry dedicated to meet the needs of families with critically or chronically ill family members and to help families in times of crisis. We are so grateful to have them available to us as we head into this journey. Obviously no one can replace our family, friends and church family, but the folks at CrossBridge step in to fill the gap created by our being 3-1/2 hours from home.

Other than that, it's been weird the past few days -- almost like hubs, LO and I are all having some kind of individual meltdowns that is wreaking havoc on our family dynamic. I'm sure it's just satan trying to get in the way and break down our unity and strength before we head into our roller coaster ride. Honestly, I think a lot of it is because we've all been together constantly over the last several days and haven't had any time to ourselves. On top of all of this, LO has turned into a complete little tyrant. She's not listening to either of us, is being very defiant and down-right mean! I know she's going through a lot and this is a big adjustment for her, so we're trying to cut her some slack. But it's really wearing on hubs and I.

So my alone time today consisted of a Walmart run (woot.) and a much-needed mani/pedi. In total, it was about 3 hours of total bliss. Although it was frustrating a bit as I wandered the aisles at Walmart, talking to my friend on my phone, only to have AT&T drop my call TWICE. I finally gave up. I got tired of standing in the bedding aisle when I truly didn't need any bedding -- it was just the only place I could find where I had one whole bar of signal strength! Of course this evening I called AT&T, who referred me to Apple, who then got AT&T back on the line with me to discuss the issue. Still nothing can be done about it though. I purchased a cell phone signal booster thingy that goes inside the house that is SUPPOSED to amplify the signal enough for me to send/receive phone calls from within the confines of our rental house. What a concept! Who thought a mobile phone would be so immobile?? We literally can only use our phones if we're outside or if we keep our head hanging out a window. This has been the biggest pain! Hopefully this solution will solve the issue and we can go back to focusing on bringing our sweet baby boy into the world in four short days!!!



  1. Just know that you will see his sweet face in a few short days! I hate to say that I was in Charleston today and I didn't even get around to calling you on your "immobile phone. We had an impromptu visit today...go to my blog to pass a few minutes and to learn more about the Fontan, which will be upon you before you realize it! Yikes! Anyway, hang in there. Life with a heart baby is always exciting and so, so, so worth it! I'll be anxiously awaiting more news! Kerri

  2. Ugh! What a pain~ and an unneeded added stress. Would it be possible to get a landline set up at the rental temporarily? Just for peace of mind, like you said, if you leave the hospital so you know they can get ahold of you. Or a pager perhaps? Just trying to help you brainstorm a little on any options you might have.... my house is the same way. I always tell me husband I don't know how we ended up buying a bomb shelter of a house because I have to go outside to talk on my phone or stand with my face almost smashed against the window. I hope you're feeling well and will be thinking and praying for you, your family and your tough little Chase.

  3. Kathy,
    I have been praying for you and the entire family. It sounds like we should all be praying for the phone too! The mobile/immobile stuff is a pain.

    We are all so excited about Monday. Tim will be there, but all of our thoughts and prayers are there.