Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Making Progress

It's Wednesday... FIVE DAYS until Chase's arrival! I had an OB appointment this morning and turns out I'm already 2 cm dilated! Ack!! I was expecting the doctor to tell me there was ZERO PROGRESS towards labor, so imagine my surprise! I'm pretty sure it took a hefty dose of Pitocin and about 6 hours of contractions for me to get to 2 cm with LO! I'm very encouraged that perhaps Chase will make his entrance in a much less dramatic way than LO did! We still have 5 days to go, so maybe there's a tiny chance my labor will progress naturally! Either way, I'm sure that my body is much more ready for this delivery since it's my second time around. Woot!

So I do have to complain about one thing... As much as I adore my iPhone, I'm totally bummed about my AT&T cell coverage here in our rental house. Apparently this place is built like a bunker with cinder block walls, resulting in NO SERVICE throughout a majority of the house -- most specifically our bedroom and living room. This is a HUGE DEAL to me! Fast-forward about 2 weeks: Chase is still in the PCICU recovering from his open-heart surgery. Hubs manages to pull me away from the hospital long enough to come home for a few hours of sleep. For some reason the hospital needs to reach us, and they call both of our cell phones and THE CALLS DON'T GO THROUGH! I can't even imagine! I'm very freaked out about this. I went to the AT&T store and supposedly we're in a "good" coverage area, but since the house is apparently Ft. Knox AND it's located near the water, the signal strength isn't that good. I'm really at a loss regarding what to do about this. Anyone have any suggestions???

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  1. I've been following your blog for the last couple of weeks, and am amazed at the grace that God has given to you and your family. Although we've been through all of this (3 times to be exact), I can't imagine how I would have felt knowing in advance what we would have to face and overcome. I wish that I had something wise or profound to offer you but I don't, I can only tell you what God has taught us through this whole process...1. God is in CONTROL!(and is the GREATEST Physician) 2. Everything happens for a reason (for us, this meant the realization that every second, every breath, every heartbeat is truly a BLESSING!! I think somethimes we all get so busy and forget that the fact that we got up that morning is an absolute MIRACLE!)3. God doesn't give you anything that you can't handle! (if you'd asked me 4 years ago if i'd be able to handle all of this I would've QUICKLY answered ABSOLUTELY NOT!! God has granted us a sense of peace and comfort about this that only He can give. Jackson's "heart story" is not typical and we know that, but there have been so many unexplained things that have happened that can only be answered with "IT'S A GOD THING"!!!) I write all of this in hopes of bringing you a tiny glimmer of comfort in knowing that Chase's life is nothing but a "God thing" and although we may never know why things turn out the way they do... God does! Just wanted you to know that i'm praying for you and your family.


    Kristin Boyd
    (Mama to Jackson-DILV, COA, TGA)