Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Heart Friends

So... a few weeks ago I was able to touch base with a soon-to-be-"heart-mom," Lindy, who lives in the same city as I do. It was definitely a God thing in how the circumstances lined up. She happened to visit a dentist office where a church friend of mine, T, happens to be a dental hygienist (and also happens to be a close followed of my blog and of sweet Chase). When Lindy mentioned she was expecting a baby with HLHS, she certainly didn't expect T to tell her she knows all about HLHS. She definitely didn't expect T to hand her a photo of Chase and tell her he'd already had his first 2 surgeries and is doing great. Long story short, Lindy and I were able to meet briefly and I was able to introduce her to Chase and share some insight into what she can expect once they head to MUSC for her baby's delivery.

Well, little Mr. Brandt Ethan was born this morning at 11:49am, weighing in at a healthy 6 lbs. 15 oz. Congratulations, Lindy!

Please be in prayer for little Brandt as he will be having his Norwood surgery within the next few days. Pray for Lindy and her husband, and the rest of their family, as they deal with the roller coaster ride of this journey with HLHS. Please be sure to follow her blog for the latest information on sweet Brandt.

On another note... please also be praying for Chase's little heart friend, Maia. Maia needs a miracle straight from the hand of God, and I believe He is capable of just that! Please pray for healing... she's been through so much in her 10 months of life. Her parents are trusting in the Lord and are awaiting His will to unfold for their precious daughter. Please pray for mommy Shannon and daddy Elias as they put their sweet girl in God's hands and wait expectantly for Him to touch her with His healing hand.

Thank you for your prayers for these precious heart babies!


  1. Isn't it amazing how many families we encounter with the same defect? I bet Chase will be a great "role model" for Brandt, as Noah has been for other families and other families have been for us. Praying for them and Maia.


  2. Thank you so much to you and T both -- I had just written a note to Maia's parents last night to let them know we were praying and hoped to meet them this week. Then I got an update about her homegoing late this evening, and I was so shocked to realize we were here in PCICU together at such different points in this journey. We are grieving with and praying for them. So thankful for their sweet testimonies and reminder to count every day every moment a blessing, and of the "God thing" He does in so many different ways all the time, that His way is perfect, no matter whether we can see or understand at the time . . .