Monday, May 10, 2010

Some Updates

Just a quick update to let you know that Chase had a cardiology appointment last Friday. He weighed in at about 16 1/2 pounds and about 26.5 inches. He's getting soooooooo big! His o2 saturation was 89, which was awesome! His blood pressures were nice and low and his pulses were good, too. He had an echo and everything there looked good, too! In fact, Dr. Horne was very pleased with how well Chase is doing, he dropped a med and told us to come back in TWO MONTHS!

Yay, Chase!

I'm so pleased/blessed/grateful/amazed at how wonderfully my little boy is doing. God truly has His hand on Chase! There's no other explanation for how well he's done! He is such a sweet, laid-back little guy and I love him to pieces!

He's just about worked his way through starting veggies and will be moving to fruits this week. I can't wait to see how he likes the applesauce I made for him! He's now completely on formula as I officially gave up breastfeeding one week ago today. It was a HARD decision and took me weeks to make myself accept the fact that it was going to end. Basically my body decided it was done. My supply, which was already low to begin with, finally started a downward decline to where it was really more of a struggle for Chase. I'd nurse him on one side and literally less than a minute or two later, needed to switch him to the other side. After another minute or two there, he was done and would need a bottle. It just wasn't fair to make him suffer with 2 or 3 minutes of nursing, then screaming his head off because he was still hungry (obviously), and he'd been taking more formula than breastmilk on a daily basis for months now. So as difficult as it was, last Sunday night was my final time nursing him. :(

Chase is spending more time on his tummy these days. He used to hate it and start screaming almost immediately, but now he'll hang out for several minutes before getting upset. He did roll over once from his tummy to his back, and when he's on his back he'll roll onto one side, but hasn't rolled from back to tummy yet. He still needs support when sitting up and is obviously not anywhere near crawling yet. If I had it my way, I'd keep him like this forever! But I am working with him, trying to get him up to speed on his milestones.

We had an organization called BabyNet send someone over a few weeks ago to do an assessment on Chase to see if he's behind in any areas of development for his age. We were very pleased to hear he's on track with everything, with the exception of his gross and fine motor skills (this didn't surprise us). So we're going to have someone come out once or twice a month to work with Chase and show hubs and I how to do exercises with him to help him get on track.

While it seems he's been contemplating popping out a tooth for the past month or so, there's no visible sign of his first tooth... yet. LO got her first tooth when she was 6 1/2 months old, so I'm sure it's just around the corner for Chase. I love his little gummy smile but I can't wait to see those little teeth start to show up. My boy's getting so big!

We have an appointment tomorrow for Chase to get his 4-month vaccines (yes, we're about 2 months behind schedule). I'm not looking forward to it, but I know he'll do fine. And I'm VERY excited because we've been waiting on his immunizations in order to finally be able to "release" him from bubble-life completely! I can't wait! We'll always take precautions with him but I feel like that will be able to ease up somewhat once he's got another round of vaccines out of the way. I'll be ecstatic once he's finally completely caught up and on schedule with his immunizations in July! Yay!!

There's not too much to report on LO. She's a typical almost 3-year-old and has been driving hubs and I C*R*A*Z*Y!!! She doesn't listen and she has temper tantrums All. The. Time. I guess this is rather typical for her age... yay.

Let me leave you with a cute video of the kiddos. LO loves Ice Age, and if you haven't seen it, there's a part in the movie where a tiger (Diego) plays peek-a-boo with a baby. It's cute and hilarious! I've attached a clip for you so you'll know what I'm referring to (you only need to watch the first few seconds of this clip to get the point).

Well, LO loves to play "where's the baby" with Chase. And what's even cuter, is that Chase totally loves it, too! Here's a clip of the two of them from the other night:

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